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Random Disconnections


Random Disconnections

I live in the Chicagoland area and I am experiencing frequent random disconnections from the WiMax network. Is anyone else having the same problem?

I have noticed that they happen more frequently in the morning. I was hoping someone could help me understand the nature of these disconnections because it is very frustrating.

I use the U300 aircard with Windows 7, so it could possibly be a compatability issue...? I'm just not sure.

Please help!



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I too have experienced random disconnections, unstable and unreliable 4g service in chicago area ( especially around I88 and Farnsworth area of Aurora, in the vicinity of the  Premium Outlet mall) since 4g officially came to Chicago. I  usually end up connecting  my Laptops using  Comcast wifi via router because I cannot stay connected to 4g. Sprint 4g has been completely undependable while using 2 different u300 units on 2 different Laptops with 2 different windows operating systems. Im in 4g service area on  both Sprint and Clear coverage maps for 4g service. Since November ,while using the u300 with both windows xp sp3 and windows vista sp2, I have found  4g speeds to be very slow, web pages frequently do not load all images or need to be reloaded several times because the speeds are not quick enough. Most of the time 3g is stable and faster than the 4g.  Unfortunately, I cannot use 3g exclusively because of the 5GB monthly cap.  Overall, I am very disappointed with Sprint 4g service, especially in and around Aurora, Il. area . I am thinking of cancelling Sprint 4g and trying out Clear (which Sprint owns) to see if my speeds are  any quicker otherwise I will just wait for Verizon LTE.


Are you getting disconnected where you have to re-connect with the connection manager?  Or is browsing just hanging up?

A lot of people had issues with browsing when it was first released.

If you're getting disconnected, whats the closes intersection you're trying the service from?  What's your signal quality?

Either way you'll have to call a few times to get it looked into.


I am getting disconnected and have to reconnect to the connection manager. I am in a very good service area according to Sprint with 4 out of 5 bars. I have been on the phone with sprint at least 5 times with no such luck.

Update 22 FEB 2010-- In the Aurora, Illinois area reception has worsened significantly. Especially in the past 2 to 3 weeks. I had contacted Sprint and they opened up a ticket for their engineers on 17  FEB 2010. The Sprint engineers left message on my phone on 20 FEB 2010 that said the towers were working good in the area, to connect the U300 to  the left side of my Windows Vista, HP Laptop and to be next to a window. I have tried this and the same connection issues persist.

I live in Aurora Illinois area, south of the "CHICAGO PREMIUM OUTLET MALL" at Farnsworth and I88. I have noticed that at Farnsworth/ I88, Molitor/Farnsworth, Molitor/Tall Oaks dr. and Molitor/Selmarten intersections have very poor 4g signal. On Sprint and Clearwires websites the 4g service is shown to be at those locations.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled latest Sprint connection manager( 2.28.0082.0)  from Dec. 2009.  4g is usually unusable. Sprint connection manager has periods where it is unable to find a  4g signal (3g signal is at a solid full bars), When Sprint connection manager finds a 1 to 2 bar 4g signal and it tries to connect it then quickly disconnects.  The 3g mode shows  5 bars, connects flawlessly and is very stable.

I had also tried a Clearwire connection manager that had been supposedly tweaked by a Sprint engineer to work with Sprint 4g. When I had installed the tweaked Clearwire connection manager, the 4g connectivity had been very much improved, but the speeds were much slower than when using the Sprint connection manager.

The tweaked Clear connection manager showed 5 dots of signal strength and connected 99% of the time. The only drawback I had with the tweaked Clear program, besides  the very slow internet speeds , was that if the signal got  a little weak it automatically switched over to 3g service.

Since 3g service is capped at 5GB per month and being concerned I would exceed the cap, I decided to stop using the Clear connection manager and have since uninstalled it.

I have reinstalled the Sprint connection manager. ( I have uninstalled and reinstalled it several times to rule out installation issues) In the last 2 to 3 weeks I have only been able to successfully connect to Sprint 4g on 3 times. Every time I was able to connect  to Sprint 4g, I have noticed that the 4g signal was weaker than it had ever been ,since first using the U300 in November 2009.

The last time I was able to successfully connect to Sprint 4g was on 21 FEB 2010 at approx. 2:44pm Central Standard Time.  The Wimax info , Advanced tab on the Sprint connection manager shows the following:

Rx  -90



Tx  -23

Preamble 6

Nap-ID 0x2

The speed test results of my last successful connection to the Sprint 4g network is below :



Additional info concerning my last post.

I was able to stay connected for about 3hours without disconnection on 21 FEB 2010. I havent been able to reconnect since.... yet.

Also,on the Sprint connection manager advanced wimax info tab the BSID- 000002266239.



There is also a Post that I had started which addresses this issue on the 4g website. I have posted my above post( update 22 FEB 2010) on that site too. The address and direct link for the post at the 4g Insider site is below.:,42.0.html

also another post (by annoyedinchi)  on Sprint Community site addresses this topic as well. The address and direct link is below

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I feel for ya, the coverage in Bolingbrook that I used to have still hasn't returned.

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