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Saying GOOD BYE to Sprint because 4G plans are too expensive.


Saying GOOD BYE to Sprint because 4G plans are too expensive.

I am a Sprint customer for more than a decade. I was so excited when HTC Evo was launched. But my exciment vanished when I tried to upgrade my phone with 2 year agreement. My current plan $69.99 for 2 lines + $10 for data plan + $10 for text plan. Total is $90. Now for 2 lines with 4G phones I am fourced to switch to Everything plan which costs me $129 for the everything plan + $20 for two lines for 4G = $150. So Sprint wants me to pay $60 extra per month for 2 years which is $1200 EXTRA in two years. This is a rip off. I am going to switch to T-Mobile where plans are cheaper, 4G is available and phones can be used anywhere in the world.

I posted this because if you feel same as I feel SAY GOOD BYE to Sprint.


Re: Saying GOOD BYE to Sprint because 4G plans are too expensive.

If you compare apples with apples sprint is cheaper since the same plan will cost you 160 with t-mobile if you get les minutes with t-mobile then it only 10 cheaper a month than sprint. with sprint you get unlimited mobile to mobile, navigation, and minutes start at 7pm. Ohh and the most important part sprint network is bigger compare to t-mobile. If in the future your going to add another line to the plan it will cost you another 35 dollar for tmobile and not 20 like sprint.

FYI you can get the evo for 99 dollar at amazon an that will help save money.

Also radioshack has it for 99 dollar.

This is from the tmobile site explaning the adding of a line.

**Additional lines share existing Whenever Minutes and unlimited messages for $5 per month, per line; unlimited Web is available for $30 per month, per line or choose 200 MB Web for $10 per month, per line.

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