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Screen orientation


Screen orientation

I have set my EVO to autimatically switch to landscape orientation when turned, but it won't do it. I can't use the keyboard in portrait orientation. I need the wider keyboard in landscape. Does anyone know why it won't work?


Re: Screen orientation

There are a number of things in the Android operating system that won't switch to landscape orientation at all, each application has to be programmed to handle it separately. It might be that the application you are trying to use the keyboard in doesn't support landscape.

Another thing to try is make sure your tilt sensors work. If you go into settings, then under "Sound and Display" at the very bottom there is an option for "G-Sensor calibration". If the bubbles in the little green level bars don't move as you tilt the phone it might be a hardware issue. It might just be that they are poorly calibrated. If you place your phone on a level surface and the bubbles are no where near the center of the green bar then running a calibration might also help.

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