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Sprint does not have 3g


Sprint does not have 3g

yeah i said it,  we have 3.9g  and its annoying that they say they do when they don't.  fact is there is 4g, but to cell phone provider meets the requirements. 

Sprint Product Ambassador

Re: Sprint does not have 3g


Thanks for your post -- and you are correct.  No phone company offers wireless service that meets the ITU definition of '4G' -- however, Sprint was the first to offer DSL like speeds and low latency over the wireless network with our 802.16 WiMax service.

T-Mobile is advertising their 3G HSPDA network as '4G' even though it only uses technology from the 3G protocol stack, but offers speeds similar to the Sprint offered WiMax network in some locations.

Verizon just released their LTE network, again a '3.9' G network providing speeds similar to, or slightly faster than, the Sprint offered WiMax network.

At this point, you pick the network with the coverage and speed, and the price you want to pay, that meets your needs today.  Do your homework and pick what'll work best for you.  The names are being picked by the marketing departments.  

There's going to be some really interesting changes coming over the next few years, and it's an exciting time to work in Telecom!


Product Ambassador, long time Sprint employee
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