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Start sharing your 4G Speedtest results


Start sharing your 4G Speedtest results

I used to enjoy decent 4G speeds on my Overdrive 3G/4G mobile hotspot.  But then, something happened.  Sprint replaced my device (with its dangerously swollen battery), but the problem persists.  Instead of getting around 5Mbs download speeds, now I often get less than 1 Mbs download speeds on 4G.  The signal strength at my home location has remained constant at around 40%, but there are times I can get faster speeds off 3G than the wimax 4G.  No one will acknowledge that there may be a tower or some other network problem for my location.  I am escalating the issue with Sprint, but there are only so many hours in the day!

One thing we can all do as customers is assemble facts.  Most of you are probably aware of as a way to measure what kind of download/upload speeds you are getting.  They have just radically changed their site to include some "group logging" features called "Speedwaves".  So I started one for Sprint 4G users.  If you post your test results to this Speedwave group, we can all see what people are getting in various locations.  This should help you see how you compare to users at other locations and we can all unofficially and informally "track" the Sprint 4G network.  Who knows?  This might help you someday if you are trying to make a service level point to Sprint.

Please join my in collecting these stats and start posting your speedtest results HERE.   <<<  click to go to the site.  It's all free and there aren't any gotchas when you use this site (that I have found, anyway).

There are also free mobile Speedtest apps for the iPhone and Android.

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