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Survey: 4G speeds with 3G/4G Hotspot & EVO


Survey: 4G speeds with 3G/4G Hotspot & EVO

I got the Hotspot few days ago, and it's in testing. I was only able to get connected to 4G once at home and its speed was ~2.5Mbps.  Other times it's 3G.  Often it bounced between 3G and 4G, first trying to connect to 4G but got Connection Error, then it ended up connecting to 3G. 

I was able to take it with me this morning when going to work, and did some tests (I parked) on the streets (66220), using and  I got 3.6-4.04Kbps download, and 420-860Kbps upload.

What speeds do you get with your Hotspot and your 4G EVO phone?  I am thinking of switching to the EVO.  A friend of mine in Seattle claimed he got download speed of 4-5Mbps average and 8Mbps max with his EVO.  That's much better than what I got with Hotspot for sure.

Thanks in advance.



Re: Survey: 4G speeds with 3G/4G Hotspot & EVO

Just an update for your own benefits.  I did some more tests and found out that, it doesn't seem the Hotspot is the problem.

At homes, after locating the 4G tower that is closest to my house, i place the HS near the glass window that's closest to the tower.  I got much better & stable 4G reception.  I was able to get 4-5mbps download!  This AM, i took the HS with me to work.  it's placed near the glass window, not much inside my work building. i was able to get up to 7.5mbps.  Really impressive.  I like to try out other 4G cards for a good comparision, but so far, the HS is pretty.  It's the coverage and how you position the HS matters.  The less obstructions (buildings, house, walls, trees), the better.

I am impressed with Sprint's 4G.  It can only get better from here, with more 4G coverage and capacity augments.

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