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Switched from Verizon to Sprint for 4g & plan, etc.


Switched from Verizon to Sprint for 4g & plan, etc.

went into a full service sprint store here in san diego.  very friendly & informative sales rep listened to "my needs" in a phone & why i'm dissatisfied with verizon and if Sprint would accommodate my needs.

My needs:  service in the area i live as i mainly work from home (located at top of hill above Sprint Store), internet capability as the hotspot advertises to work with my laptop as i do not use cable at home, nor do i have a landline (need to be mobile), 4g speed as that is important, stable monthly plan with no hidden fees..  said i was interested in EVO if it would meet my stated needs.

1.  Evo was out of stock, sales rep said Epic (which i never heard of) is much better than the Evo and the Epic is in stock and would satisfy all of my stated needs along with the promotional $69.99 plan "plus" additional $10 for the 3G/4G Data Experience.  I was excited by all the features that the Sales Rep notified me of about this Samsung EPIC 4g Android phone.  I purchased it and went home.... and that is when the headache began.

2.   My brand spanking new Samsung EPIC 4g Android phone had no service... when i say "No Service" .. No Voice, No Data, and obviously No 4g.  *** and yes, I did access the "sprint zone" on the phone, then under Help I selected "I Need Help" which brought me to "My Device" showing "My Connections" being tested with all "RED" for each "Voice" "3G" & 4G disconnected as it's NOT AVAILABLE!!! Wonder why I was being sold on this when it won't be available here until next year???

Issues specifically with device:

     1. Overheated 3 times within 14 days; red flashing display & auto-shut down, it was much too hot to hold. - intermittant

          update:  Phone still gets hot but have not received the red flashing "overheat" display. So when it starts getting really hot I just turn it off.

     2. Screen would turn black - intermittant & rare

     3. Unresponsive to command/operation - intermittant

Issues with service:

     1. 4G -- none

     2. HotSpot -- not workable in my area

     3. 3G -- intermittant / constantly unreliable

     4. Voice -- intermittant / constantly unreliable

     5. GPS -- Voice says to turn "left" when arrow is pointing "right"; Work-Around: look at map while driving & do not listen to voice directions.

Steps I've taken to address Issues:

     1. Turn Off Phone; Remove Battery for 5 minutes, then replace battery.  (I've even tried leaving battery out for over an hour) - DID NOT FIX

     2. Update Profile (within "Sprint Zone" -- "I Need Help" -- under section "My Device") ---  DID NOT FIX

     3. Called Sprint Customer Service from other physical location -- Rep asked for my address to check service availability in area of question "my home" ---- said that I should have "The Best Service".. said that they've not received any complaints for that area, said it must be my home's structure.  ///  I explained that the service goes away as driving up the hill, even standing outside on main street, and also in my home. It's therefore, not my home's structure... it's the "area" and Needs to be re-classified on Sprints "available service area" from "the Best Service" TO "Intermittant Service"

     4. Went back to place of purchase "Sprint Store" - Rep acknowledged complaints from several customers that reside in the same area and so the Rep recommended I call customer service for booster

     5. Called Customer Service - Rep said I need cable for booster ...  I resplied-- if i had cable, then i'd have internet via cable & a voip phone which defeats the purpose of owning this Samsung EPIC 4G Android phone.   (I switchd over to Sprint to minimize costs, not add to them)

There's actually much more but I hit on the highlights... and still working on resolution with Sprint.

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