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Upgrading from Blackberry to 4G Evo


Upgrading from Blackberry to 4G Evo

'DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE. Got it after a wait and went to activate it, when I was told I would have to upgrade to a different data plan (I currently have the Blackberry data plan). I was told the "additional" plan would cost me $80 more a month....that''s right $80 more a month! Sorry 4G is not worth $80 more a month...(especially after I was told by numerous Sprint, and BEst Buy personell, that the new upgrade for date plan would only the $10.'

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Re: Upgrading from Blackberry to 4G Evo

You are right, 4G is not worth an extra $80/month, which is why it does not cost an extra $80/month. I switched two blackberries on my account to Evos on June 4 and I'm certainly not paying that much more per month...

1 Line...$69.99 + $10/line Premium Data Services Fee

2 Lines...$129.99 + $10/line Premium Data Services Fee

It might help if you provide some more detail on what the people at BestBuy told you. The only scenario I can think of is that you tried to add two Evos and are expected to pay $20 for the premium services for both and $60 for both lines to have the mobile hotspot feature (which is optional cost of $30 per line per month). Is that how they arrived at the $80 more per month figure?

If that is the case, you may want to consider not adding the mobile hotspot feature unless you need it (vacation, etc...). Sprint does not charge you for changing your plan add ons (or plan for that matter...), so thats always an option.

Also, you can check out this link for some clarity from Sprint instead of listening to the people at BestBuy -

Hope that helps...

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