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West St. Louis County, MO 4G Coverage


West St. Louis County, MO 4G Coverage

I also posted this message in the "general" Networks & Coverage sub-forum:

Just acquired an Epic 4G yesterday (8/31) & I live in West St. Louis County, MO. While I obviously understand 4G service is still relatively new and 4G coverage will, due to the different frequencies utilized, vary from "regular" Sprint voice/3G coverage, I'm not sure one of your towers near my house is 4G "active".  If you look at the Sprint 4G coverage map (and I also looked at the corresponding Clearwire coverage map) in the vicinity of Strecker Rd & Clayton Rd (63011), you will notice 4G coverage should be available and I assume it's being provided via the cell tower just E of Strecker Rd on Clayton Rd.

However, after physically driving to this location with my new Epic 4G and performing a 4G "service scan", the phone shows "No 4G Service".  Regular Sprint voice/3G signal strength at this location is "maxed out".  As a cross-check, I drove to the vicinity of another Sprint/Clearwire tower near the intersection of Clarkson & Manchester Rds. (63011) and my phone DID show 4G service along with a similar "max out" of the regular Sprint voice/3G signal.

The only reason I'm posting this is because, as noted above, both the Sprint AND Clearwire coverage maps for the immediate vicinity of the Strecker/Clayton tower show 4G coverage but my phone doesn't see ANY 4G signal at this location.

A response is not necessary but if anyone from Sprint has any comments, I'd welcome the feedback.  Thanks!


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