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What happened to 4g in charlotte


What happened to 4g in charlotte

When i first bought phone about a month and a half ago - i got good 4g signals at home and at work.  Work was more important because i bought it to stream pandora and Sprint's Live TV.  It was good for a while.  now it seems that this week i have noticed no 4g signal at work and no 4g signal at home ?.

The services that claim to 4g services are not working so why are we still getting charged 10 premium data fee?

I really just want my signal back - what gives ?


Re: What happened to 4g in charlotte

Same thing has happened in Raleigh/Durham... I still get 4G coverage in some locations but even when it shows 4G the network applications will not connect until I turn off 4G and connect via 3G. What gives!?

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