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Will Sprint adapt WiMax 2????


Will Sprint adapt WiMax 2????

We all here know for a fact that LTE is much faster at peek download  speeds. But it looks as if the tide have changed when you look at the  next version or generation of both LTE and WiMax. Currently LTE reported  maximum peek speed are from 40-50mbps, and Wimax is somewhere around  30-40. Don't quote me on those speeds. The next Generation of both  technologys are called TD-LTE(time division-long term evolution) and  WiMax 2. TD-LTE is reportedly pushing 100mbps, which is impressive but  WiMax 2 speed made me wonder, 300mbps holy sh**. That was my initial  reaction. then I begun to wonder will Sprint adapt WiMax 2. Which I  should point out WiMax 2 is also backwards compatible WiMax. This might  be just wishful thinking but will Sprint imperilment WiMax 2 in the  future?

Here's one of the article I found about the two:

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