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how or where to report unstable 4g towers?


how or where to report unstable 4g towers?

What, where, or how is the best way to make official reports about 4g stability issues?

I have an evo 4g.

4g is perfectly stable at home, however at my work area the 4g is stable half the time, and the other half unstable, constantly going up/down/in/out.

internet access, streaming, syncing all are affected.

symptoms include:

completely losing 4g connection (reverts to 3g for more than a few minutes)

connection flapping up and down (4g status notification goes in and out several times a minute)

connection stays up on 4g, however internet access or streaming is interrupted

phone is typically in a static office location (non-mobile)

issue does not seem to be affected by time of day or weather, it happens randomly in perfectly clear days and rainy days, as well as any time during the day (business hours 9 to 6)

general location is st louis, mo. At or around zipcode 63141, interstate 270 and olive road.

I realize that 4g coverage is not complete, however the location appears to be well within the official 4g map.

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