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Sarah, welcome to yourJune 2011 | Sprint Connection
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Sprint Wireless Adv F&F 1000

4G  is expanding.

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If you haven't already heard, we're piloting a couple of OCE small enhancement efforts with the PMO team, utilizing the Agile development approach called 'Scrum'.

The two separate efforts currently underway are for small enhancements to 'Digital Lounge' and 'Registration'.

We're doing 2-week iterations (a.k.a. Sprints), demonstrating what we produce at the end.

We're a few days away from completing the Digital Lounge 2-week Sprint, and about a week away from the Registration effort (they started on different dates).

Overall, there has been some confusion in getting started, but we're starting to settle in a bit more as we progress forward.

This has been, and continues to be, a 'learn as we go' training approach, And as such, the team will naturally undergo a bit more pain in adopting this new framework.

To assist in both understanding this new framework and ensure both teams are using the same set of tools, I've put together a Scrum Worksheet which includes a series of commonly used templates.

See the doc-share link below for a look at these.

These templates and process spreadsheet has been shared and reviewed with the two Scrum Masters.

The tools are being used with mixed results on both projects.

So, we'll likely tweak these slightly in order to meet our specific needs, which is part of the true nature of Scrum; inspect and adapt.

Doc-share enterprise

                Product & Technology Development

                                Product Strategy & Innovation

                                                Web Presence

                                                                (McLaughlin) Scrum / Agile

Additionally, we're currently evaluating a software tool that's being used by the Shop team, called Version One - www.versionone.comCheck out the very informative videos and tutorials on their site. This tool follows very closely with the Agile / Scrum framework and I believe would be extremely helpful to the teams. It includes reporting and communication tools as well. Very slick stuff. We're looking into the licensing situation with the PMO team, ,et al.


What is Agile Development & Scrum?

* Emphasizes building working software that people can get hands on with quickly, versus spending a lot of time vs. spending time writing a lot of specifications up front.

* Focuses on small, cross-functional teams empowered to make decisions, versus big hierarchies and compartmentalization by function.

* Focuses on rapid iteration, with as much customer input along the way as possible.

* It's simple, powerful, and rooted in common sense.

Scrum Basics:

* Scrum is an iterative, incremental framework

* Scrum structures product development in cycles of work called Sprints, iterations of work which are typically 1-4 weeks in length, and typically take place one after another.

* The Sprints are of fixed duration – they end on a specific date whether the work has been completed or not, and are never extended.

* At the beginning of each Sprint, a cross-functional team selects items from a prioritized list of requirements, and commits to complete them by the end of the Sprint.

* During the Sprint, the deliverable does not change.

* Each work day, the team gathers briefly to report to each other on progress, and update simple charts that orient them to the work remaining.

* At the end of the Sprint, the team demonstrates what they have built, and gets feedback which can then be incorporated into the next Sprint.

* Scrum emphasizes producing a working product at the end of the Sprint.

* “Done”; in the case of software, means code that is fully tested and potentially shippable.

Scrum Roles:

Scrum Team
Team is cross-functional and consists of 5-9 people
There are no set project roles within the team
Team defines tasks and assignments
Team is self-organizing and self-managing
Maintains the Sprint Backlog
Conducts the Sprint Review
Product Owner
Accountable for product success
Defines all product features
Responsible for prioritizing product features
Maintains the Product Backlog
Insures team working on highest valued features
Scrum Master
Holds daily 15 minute team meeting (Daily Scrum)
Removes obstacles
Shields the team from external interference
Maintains the Sprint Burndown Chart
Conducts Sprint Retrospective at the end of a Sprinit
Is a facilitator not a manager

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If you have any interest in social media, go check out The Mobe

Poke around, register, and give us your honest feedback in the form of a post on the site.

Note: we're constantly tweaking and changing things on the site, so if it happens to be down or look funky at the time, come back later. Hopefully, it'll be better than it was before.

What is The Mobe?

A place for mobile enthusiasts to and share stuff, beyond what you'd find on a carriers website.

Think 'Wikipedia meets Digg with a social/mobile flare.

What's the status?

We've come a long way and we're proud of the work we've done to get to where we are, but we're not at all finished with it.

The most recent plan is to have it ready by end of the first week in February, 2011 for Lon to roadshow to the execs.

A small team of OCE folks (and a couple from other groups) continue to work on it iteratively each week to make it better.

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Well, we've had our first real Web IQ session and based on the feedback received, it was a resounding success. Mark Janney presented 'The Content Strategist as Digital Curator' on January 19th, 2011 in the Sprint Concept Realization Center in 6220.

Conseqnetly, I'd like to thank UXD for allowing us to use this space. It really is a great environment for both the presenter and for the folks attending to engage in.

I thought the method of presentation Mark used was really cool. For those who are interested in this style of presenting, google 'Lessig presentation method'.

Tristin Kime has graciously set up an area in Sprint Space to keep the Web IQ discussions going in between the actual meetings. We'd like to use this space to bring up questions and comments on the talk, discuss topics that don't make it to the meeting floor, or discuss other happenings on the web.

We'll have one of these Web IQ sessions each month on average (same time and place). The topics will be different each time, as will the presenters.

Our next topic for February 2011 is 'The Power of the Voice of the Customer'. Be on the lookout for a meeting maker with more details soon.


OCE Team,

Lon invites us to take the day off work and get together as a team.

The plan is to meet at Brad's house for lunch on Thursday, October 15th.  For the rest of the day we can hang out on the lawn on a beautiful fall day or curse the rainy fall weather from the protective safety of the house.  We'll have food, voluntary games i.e. horseshoes, croquet or any games folks want to bring.   Some daytime fireworks will be provided as well.  Look forward to seeing you there!!!

Things to bring - Sport's Chair, Adult Beverages (won't be provided but totally fine to bring), Game.

Would love feedback on activities or desired lunch.


11:30 to 5...

20195 Beverly

Stilwell, KS  66085


Everyone's a Publisher

  1. Act like a publisher - think of your business as having content that can be valuable and relevant to your audience. Realize that content needs to be fresh and interesting and adjusted to the tastes of your audience.
  2. Know your audience - your audience can include customers but extends beyond them to include prospects, employees, vendors and suppliers.
  3. Create content - you know what it is. Develop it. Present it to your audience.
  4. Differentiate your concept - your content has a theme or conceptual basis. Make your content conceptually different from competitors in your space.
  5. Know your competition - deteremine where you can play together and where you can't. Remember that cooperation can be a ready and reliable tactic.
  6. Build a community - when the viral power of a community is realized, your traffic patterns will significantly impact the value of your company.
  7. Seek influence but not control - you simply cannot have control. Learn to live with this fact.
  8. Experiment - there is no single formula for success with social media.

Source: The Social Media Bible - Tactics, Tools and Strategies for Business Success. Authors: Lon Safko, David K. Brake


Social Networking Commandments

  1. Thou shalt create profiles and groups - go to the most popular social networking sites - MySpace, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. and create profiles and groups before someone else takes your names. Then create more profiles on lesser known sites as well.
  2. Thou shalt use Open Social - Google's Open Social/Open ID program will allow you to create a social networking profile and propogate it with just a click of the mouse. Just go to a new social networking web site, ccreat a profile, and click Open Social ID and the profile is completely filled in. This will save you a lot of time typing in the same information over and over for each profile.
  3. Thou shalt participate - start out by reading the comments on a few selected sites and listen to where the conversation is headed. Once you have an idea about how to appropriately respond, then participate.
  4. Thou shalt build your own network - start building a following with your blog. Comment on other blogs and join in the conversation. Then consider building your own Group or social network by using a tool like WordPress.

Source: The Social Media Bible - Tactics, Tools and Strategies for Business Success. Authors: Lon Safko, David K. Brake