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This is the current version of the Online Community Engagement Training.
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Please use this external communications statement reactively in response to customer, media or third –party inquiries. Should you have additional questions, please contact . Reactive Response to External Inquiries Sprint is aware of an ongoing Internet-based scheme in which fraudulent parties are abusing access to send text messages to Sprint customers in an attempt to get confidential banking information. Sprint is investigating this scam and we are taking action to protect our customers, including temporarily disabling the Sprint SMS text messaging feature on our Web site. The scam, known as “SMiShing” [SMS + phishing] involves text messages sent from a party falsely representing itself as a bank or credit card company. SMiShing happens when: You get a text message from a party falsely representing itself as a bank or credit card company. The text message may appear to have been sent from another Sprint customer phone number. It says that your banking or credit card web service has expired or has been locked; and that you must renew this service by using an enclosed link to visit the financial institution’s web site to update your account information. OR: It may also say you must call a telephone number to reactivate your debit/credit card information over the telephone. Upon visiting the fake web site or calling the fake 800 number, you're asked to provide a user name, password, or other account credentials. The scammers obtain your user name and password or other credentials once you enter this personal information onto the site or give it to them over the phone. Sprint strongly recommends that its customers never share personal information with a third party unless they can verify that the request came from a trusted source. We want to remind customers if they receive a text message or phone call from a party representing itself as a bank or other service provider seeking personal information, please contact their service provider directly to determine if they have received a legitimate request. If customers have questions or concerns relating to privacy and their Sprint account, please contact Sprint's Office of Privacy at
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I though it might be useful to pull to open a spot where we could drop links to interesting things we've been reading.  Feel free to edit and add content. Social Media Fast Company on 3 Interesting Social Media Profile - Read Article Groundswell Blog by Forrester - Read Blog List from T. Fortner (Read at your own risk)
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BlackBerry Devices Michael McConnell (product development manager) BlackBerry, HTC, Palm Devices Gary Mendez (product marketing manager) BlackBerry Internet Service  (BIS) Scot Kight BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) Scott Coffelt RIM TSupport (BlackBerry Technical Support Services) Scott Coffelt Call Tones Kylie Klenda Customizable Ringers Kylie Klenda /Jennifer Schafer Digital Lounge Daniel Yu Exchange ActiveSync Mark Chan Executive Escalations HTC Devices Scott Dunn (product development manager) Instant Messaging Rob Hacking iDEN Devices Pennie Broecher, Nichole Kennedy (product marketing managers) LG Brita Horton (product development manager) LG, Sanyo Devices Lisa Cole (product marketing manager) Live Search for Sprint Jennifer Tomlison M80 Blog Scanning Company from mind share and Sara Devine from Sprint MAG Gateway for web browsing on the handset Abidogun, Ayodeji [NTK] Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) Sandy Kaifes (and Bryan Cahoon Mobile Broadband Cards Jeff S. Ward, Vendor Manager Network - EHC and Executive Escalations Jonathan Boldt Nextel Direct Connect Brian Pitchford NASCAR Sprint Cup Mobile Michael White Navigation/TeleNav Debbie Herman, Mike Gonzales NFL Mobile Ted Chael Omniture Reports Heather Pettus [Omniture Consultant to Sprint] Palm Devices Corrine Fitch (product devleopment manager) Pandora Celia Lustig Picture Mail Ginger Kelliher Ringers Kylie Klenda Sanyo, Samsung Jessica Kemp (product development manager) Samsung Devices Lisa Binkley (product marketing manager) SMS / Email to SMS - Bulk Messaging Gateway Gabel, Craig L [BMG]; Barcomb, John R [BMG] Sprint Family Locator Charnsin Tulyasathien (development) Sprint Mobile Email Brice Washam (Sprint), Larry Carrol (SEVEN) Sprint One Click Melanie Zimmer Sprint Software Store (Handmark) Bob Winebrenner Sprint TV Melissa Valentine Streaming Radio Celia Lustig Voicemail - CDMA and iDEN Jack Diemer Wireless Web Access (Parental Controls) Lisa Zimmerman
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What are people discussing (The following analysis is based on user posts and replies for the month of June. It is not meant to be a comprehensive listing of all discussions and is meant to highlight key discussion trends in the community). Positive – Additional boards were added to support the launch of the Palm Pre. The new boards include: WebOS, Tips & Tricks, Applications Issues, and Software Updates. The expanded Palm Pre section received 484,463 page views and 658 new threads in June.1 The recipients of the social media Palm Pre seed units (Thomas, MontanaXVI, Levi4u, MarkBugs and sweet greggo) quickly became subject matter experts on the Pre and created entertaining and educational posts. They also provide peer-to-peer technical support to other forum members.2 The iGoogle Widget received rave reviews from Buzz users for its innovation and usefulness.3 Negative – Beginning prior to the Pre launch, many community members voiced their opinion that our requirement to have the Simply Everything plan is unfair. Many have SERO plans with data and want to continue using those plans. Those with other plans want to the ability to add a data package like they could do with Power Vision packs.4 Several members have reported cracked screens on the Palm Pre during normal use and neither Palm nor Sprint has issued a reply. Comments are not isolated to Buzz. and also have posts about the issue. One of the recipients on BAW of a Pre seed unit (MontanaXVI) also experienced the problem.5 Boost getting devices prior to Sprint Nextel is a point of contention with our iDEN members. They do not like that pre-paid customers get the new handsets (i465 Clutch) or new colors (red i9) before post-paid customers can purchase them. Their logic is that post-paid customers deserve the latest handsets to reward them for their loyalty and willingness to sign a contract.6 Instinct users felt that the MR-6 created more issues than it solved. Even though we posted as soon as Pandora released a fix, members sent lists of other problems they blamed on MR-6. Those issues were forwarded to the customer equipment.7 The announcement of the ad campaign focusing on the “new” Sprint drew fire for the print ad directed at Iphone customers. Buzz members want Sprint to “…pursue a path of differentiating itself without drawing upon comparisons to competing.8
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