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Sprint Open Solutions Conference Showcases M2M “Magic Wand”


In the M2M world, “I wish I could” might apply to …

  • Automating and monitoring energy usage in the office from a wireless tablet – conserving energy without sacrificing comfort
  • Being notified when a beer keg is about to run out – keeping business at peak efficiency
  • Monitoring the company’s security cameras – without having people watching the monitors
  • Knowing that teens or employees are driving responsibly
  • Golfing at Pebble Beach, St. Andrews and Augusta – all in one day
  • Ambulances communicating real-time patient data to the hospital – helping save lives
  • Creating a greener planet – using vehicle systems to help improve air quality

Visit the M2M demo room at the Sprint Open Solutions Conference and see how these wishes can come true.

The “talking” beer keg: The wish of a lifetime – Digital Applications

The kegerator, a collaboration between Sprint, Bug Labs and Axeda, enables liquor distributors or manufacturers to remotely monitor kegerator usage, temperature, and beer levels or send an alert that beer is almost gone, allowing business owners to be keenly aware of product inventory and consumption levels.

Imagine that … a “talking” keg. See the connected kegerator in the Sprint Connected Lounge. Beer here!

Monitoring security cameras without having people monitor them – Digital Surveillance

Cernium and Sprint are using M2M technology to transform ordinary security cameras into proactive video surveillance solutions. Statistics show that property crime is reduced by two-thirds when cameras are used, according to OJO Technologies.

CheckVideo|Sprint 3G provides intelligent video surveillance for enhanced security, communications and business operations. It “watches” every camera 24/7 for activity of interest and sends out real-time video alerts when people, vehicles, or motion is detected. CheckVideo|Sprint 3G includes hardware and software as a service (SaaS), and can be installed easily and cost effectively in virtually any indoor, outdoor or remote location. A machine is watching a video camera!

Knowing your teen or employee is driving responsibly – Usage-Based Insurance

Sprint and Applus Technologies have introduced the A+ Tracker which monitors driver / vehicle activities and can be programmed to flag anything from a teen’s distracted driving to a taxi driver’s excessive speeding.

A+ Tracker helps improve safety and driving efficiency while enabling Usage-Based Insurance, distracted driving, fleet management, and roadside assistance. Now, insurance costs can be calculated by real driving habits.

Now on the #1 tee – Digital Entertainment

Golden Tee LIVE and Sprint were the first to utilize wireless technology to enable players to compete in real-time, worldwide Golden Tee video golf tournaments.

With Sprint’s wireless M2M technology, tens of thousands of players can compete simultaneously – live – from their local taverns and restaurants while scores are updated universally, hole by hole.

Stop by the Sprint Connected Lounge and play a few holes. No quarters required.

Connecting Transportation – Greener Planet

Trimble and Sprint provide U.S. government agencies a broad range of fleet-management capabilities including vehicle monitoring, diagnostics, driver safety and identification services which lower operating costs, manage mileage, reduce idle time / emissions, and improve safety. Now that’s government efficiency.

Rain in the area? The sprinkler shuts off – Managing Fixed and Mobile Assets

Thanks to New Boundary and Sprint, sprinkler systems can automatically shut off when it starts to rain. This is just one way Sprint and New Boundary provides customers with efficient, real-time management of their fixed and mobile assets. No more sprinkling in the rain (or wasting water).

Sending health info to the doctor while on the go – Health and Wellness.

Sprint and remote health-management provider Ideal Life have introduced wireless touch-screen kiosks to help individuals track their health and wellness. Using Sprint’s 3G network, patients can now send important health data (blood pressure, weight, glucose levels and other biometrics) to doctors from remote locations.

Ideal Life plans to place the new cloud-based kiosks in libraries, schools, clinics, doctors’ offices and community health centers. At OSC, you can check your vital signs in the Sprint Demo Lounge.

Check out these solutions and more at the conference. For more information on the Sprint Open Solutions Conference and to register, please visit http://developer.sprint.com/devcon2011. The Conference is Nov. 2-4 in Santa Clara, Calif.