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10 year customer just spent 4 hours with CS and still at square one. Help?


10 year customer just spent 4 hours with CS and still at square one. Help?

Today I went to my local sprint store to upgrade from my palm treo to the new samsung moment. The store clerk informed me they were not in stock and had to be ordered. While he was doing this I noticed he was screening several calls( Should have been my first clue to run away) After ordering the phone I went across the street to Best Buy to purchase a TV. While at Best Buy I noticed they had the moments in stock and for 30 dollars cheaper with no 100 dollar mail in rebate, so instead of paying 279 I would pay 149.    

     I then called the sprint store to cancel the phone i had ordered and was told that it was not possible. I don't know how sprint does business but in my line of work not possible is just that....not possible. My next call was to CS in which a man tried to help by contacting the store because he said the store clerk COULD cancel the order. The store clerk screened this call as well as there was no answer. I also could not upgrade my phone at Best Buy because when the clerk had ordered the phone it had Renewed my upgrade date and contract. Keep in mind at this point I have not paid a penny or signed anything just told the clerk i would like to buy the phone when it came in from his order.I tried calling the store myself and like the CS rep got no answer.

     I then proceed to return to the Sprint store. As soon as the clerk saw me he picked up the phone and tried to act like he was helping a customer. After telling him what was going on he "tried" to call CS as well as the place he ordered the phone from which he refered to as "SNAP". The two reps he talked to both told him he could not cancel the phone until it arrived at the store(5-8 days) and then i would have to go back thru customer service to get my service upgrade date reset.

     At this point after spending the better part of 4 hours trying to upgrade a phone i was disgusted and just left the store. I again tried calling customer service myself and got in touch with a women who like the first CS rep i had spoke to said at the store they could cancel and she would call the store. After being on hold for about 3 minutes the phone started ringing and i was put back to the main menu. Upon going back thru the menu and getting another Rep. I explained my story for the 4th time along with giving my info again i was told by the newest rep i needed to return to the store if I wanted the phone canceled.

     Now i am really unhappy. Nobody seems to have a consistent answer on how i can fix this problem and upgrade my phone. I tried explaining to the rep that i had already been to the store and they could not help me and the only reply i got was Sir you must go back to the store as apposed to let me help you. I am sure many of you have experienced the hands off approach most of the CS reps take and it can be very frustrating if you do not have 4 hours to waste on Friday afternoon.

     I then asked to speak to her supervisor and was basically told the same thing. Go back to the store. At that point i asked to speak to retention to cancel hoping maybe someone would care about a loyal customer who has never paid a late bill or broken a contract in over 10 years. How sadly mistaken i was.

     Now i am being told by retention i cant even cancel my sprint services without paying a fee because when he ordered the phone it reset my contract until Feb of 2011. So here I sit same palm treo i've had for 2 1/2 years. No Droid, No ability to upgrade to a Droid without paying 600 bucks and adding a line. 4 hours of valuable time wasted and yet again wanting to change providers because of the constant pass around and ball dropping of sprint.

This is my first post and I have noticed that sprint CS reps actually read this site,  so I ask you. Do you want to save someone who has put up with all the BS and still wants to remain a life long customer? Or will you let  5-8 days go by  and let me deal with more hoops to cancel this purchase cancel my sprint service and go to Verizon? My Girlfriend has had Verizon for several years and has never even had to deal with customer service because the Verizon store takes care of everything for her. Now that is customer service not passing people off and telling them no.

An unhappy decade long spring customer!

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Re: 10 year customer just spent 4 hours with CS and still at square one. Help?

As far as the upgrade reversal goes the  store would have to process the reversal . My question is when the store associate ordered the phone do you know if he had it shipped to your billing address or just to the store because most of the time when   phones are ordered I believe they  go to the billing address if that is the case then I do agree you would have to wait till you recieve it to  return it and then do the reversal. as far as the  line about  cancelling if you  are withen 30days of the  new contract renawla i dont believe they  can penalize you especially after they  reset the contract. I guess my best advice would be to wait the 5-8 days if you can  . i mean at this point we dont even know where the phones being shipped to . If you cant wait then go to the store and get a manager .

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Re: 10 year customer just spent 4 hours with CS and still at square one. Help?

It is being shipped to the store. That way i can move all my data over from the treo to the moment without dealing with the treo's awful bluetooth.

Also I was under the impression this clerk was the manager. It's a small third party store that has maybe 3 employees. Thanks for taking the time to reply though.

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