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I'm not entirely sure if I'm putting this in the right area, but I just noticed there are forums on this site.

I personally think it is absolutely ridiculous that Sprint has the audacity to charge $5 a month simply because I don't have it set to automatically deduct money from my bank account. If this was effective when I initially signed up I never would have agreed to a two year plan.

It would be one thing if the option to cancel your plan FREE OF CHARGE when this absurd rule was put into place, but just doing and saying "Hey look what we're doing! If you don't like it, too bad for you!" is just terrible.

Maybe if the plan was a good deal to begin with, maybe that $5 a month wouldn't be a huge deal, but the plan is virtually the exact same thing as everyone else.

I wish I could get more money because somebody won't just let me take the money that they're already giving me automatically. That would be a great scam for me, however, I am the one being scammed.

Unless this ridiculous rule gets lifted before my contract is over I am certainly bringing my business elsewhere; somewhere that I'll spend less and get more (which is almost anywhere else).


Re: $5/month??

You are only charge $4.99 because of spending limit on your account. You Can get spending limit remove from your account once you make 18 months of payments without being late once.


Re: $5/month??

I understand the "logic" behind it, but I think "only" is hardly the right word to use.

No other companies use this ploy to get more money; at least not the major ones.

So I would have to pay $90 first before I can stop getting a pointless charge every month.


Re: $5/month??

And I guess I was wrong, they did allow you to cancel without an ETF, but I didn't notice that so that's my fault.

It's still ridiculous and if given the option now, I would most definitely cancel my contract and sign on with AT&T. My girlfriend currently has them and overall they are much better.

So unless somehow Sprint is able to entice me into staying, once my plan is up I'm out.

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