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7 time contacted wated 7 or more hours turned out "You have to contact other company"


7 time contacted wated 7 or more hours turned out "You have to contact other company"

I broke the phone screen. I needed new phone under the insurance they provided($8/mo). I went to the store, they took my 1 month old phone. and gave me same model which is used one and which has many problems (4g problem, wifi and print network itself). on top of that they charged me $75.00 for that. my efforts as follow :

6 email chain.(I have records)

2 phone calls.(Sprint has records)

4 CSR Chats.(I have records)

7 time contacted.(I have records)

Issue -> Unresolved.

Result : "You will get a phone but used one."

thinking to going to court to file a case or close account. Any sugession?

Second bad Experience:

I contacted them regarding the network service. There was no service for 4-5 business days. And I am lead of offshore – India IT team. I was not able to receive or making call. I called them from friend’s phone.

CSR : We cannot help!!!

My manager : “that’s not my problem, I need report. On Thursday they set up a meeting on me for this.”

I : Customer : “fucked off”


It sounds like there may have been a miscommunication regarding the replacment being a "claim" on your $8/mo coverage.  A broken screen is considered "damage" and goes through the deductable portion of your Sprint Total Equipment Protection coverage or Asurion ~  However, for a smartphone, the deductable is $100.   For $75, we do offer re-manufactured phones which should have the same re-manufactured standards as Asurion.  So you saved $25 by getting one from the store and not filing a claim with Asurion.  If it is not working properly, I would take it back to the store your purchased it from. 


BTW, you can exercise your $100 deductable at anytime through the website above. 


I think here is the business, every one talk different, create 7-8 different scenario.

Bottom-line Customer get fustrated and leave the issue alone.

I am not able to use the service that i am paying for. I dont aspect the way presented in TV commercials but atleast i can talk.

BTW, you have addressed the 1 problem that is insurence. How about the other problems that i faced, is there any value that the customer is facing problems. I totally undestand your concern But i do respect my money, that i gathered by hardwork. If i dont get the service for that money than i am the most disrespectful person in the world.

Now my concern is, I want to return both my device and want to get money, I want to close both lines. how much money i will get return?


They won't give you money, if you cancel your lines. You'll pay the cancellation fees that you agreed to pay, per line, in the contract that you signed when you started your cell coverage. This is that way with every single cell provider, when you sign a contract.

As for the phones, very doubtful they will want to purchase them back from you. Cell providers, do not buy back cell phones, and will only refund monies if you're within the first like 90 days of purchasing the phone. Even then it wouldn't be a full refund, outside of 15-30days of you purchasing the phone.

So, unless you are a brand new customer, or brand new renewal; You can't expect any cell phone provider [Sprint/AT&T/Verizon/Etc.] will give you any sort of compensation for leaving their service. It's no different from one provider to another, their all pretty much the same in this respect.

In short, you will lose money if you cancel your lines early [Early Termination Fees] that ALL cell phone contracts include, that you signed when you started your service.

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