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Add-ons were removed after phone upgrade.


Add-ons were removed after phone upgrade.

icThis is getting frustrated.

What I was getting for FREE (Pick3, and 200 bonus minutes each month) now removed because I upgraded my phone. I've called, emailed, and nobody could do anything for me to get it back. I, as well as the representative,  just don't understand why they were taken off. And there's nothing they can do to put those back for me. Isn't it sad?

Can someone please explain to me what's going on, and if or how I can get it back? I've been a long time customer, and Sprint doesn't seem to care. Wish I could cancel and go somewhere else where customers are concerned.

Sad and Frustrated.


That's a typical Sprint Customer Service.

Once you happy, just try not to mess around with your plan.Don't get the new phone from Sprint, just buy from ebay or something and stick with your old plan.

I just called about this pick 3 plan, she was not even aware of it. She even offered me to upgrade to everything plan.

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