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Bad service retail side and just as bad through :(


Bad service retail side and just as bad through :(

I have been a loyal Sprint/Nextel customer for over 10 years and have never had such poor customer service in all that time. I wen into a retail store to get the Evo and I was a little disapointed with the service i received at this location. For starters the store did not have the phone (they did not sell out...i was the first persone there buying the phone and had called the day before confirming they had the phone). When i was told that they did not have the phone and it would need to be ordered they alos said that the first batch of phones sent out were defective (at least 20% of them). I was also told that i could not order it from the sprint site and it could only be purchased through the retail locations. i feel like i was fead a story just to get a sale because i have never gone to a story and been told any of what was said that day. I also checked the sprint site and i can in fact purchase the phone from it.

Then to top it all off I sent an email to customer support and they respond back with this generic email:

Thank you for contacting Sprint regarding the availability of the Sprint HTC Evo at the Sprint Store.

As we are experiencing strong demand for the Sprint HTC EVO and this is the reason it is currently out of Stock. Our records reflect that Sprint HTC Evo is currently unavailable via and TeleSales. Some of the retail stores are also sold out but we are working with HTC to stock on a daily basis. I regret for the difficulty this has caused to you.

Please visit the Shop section on to check availability. For other sales questions, please continue your call. We appreciate your patience as we are working to get EVO 4G into the hands of everyone who wants it as soon as possible!

I once again apologize for the inconvenience this has caused to you.

Thank you for writing in to us.

Looks like they didnt even read my email. Looks like they saw Evo and were like "oh another email question just send the generic email and be done with them".


Re: Bad service retail side and just as bad through :(

Yep, I thought I was the only one, Sprint has the worst service ever!


Re: Bad service retail side and just as bad through :(

you want bad ive been with sprint since september of 2008 premier customer the entire time. went to get a new phone in february and was told that sprint wasnt releasing any new phones until 2011. now i read in blogs that people new about this phone in 2009. also ive been on a wait list for the phone for over a month, and found out that i can get it from radio shack, best buy, and kmart (yes i said kmart) faster than with sprint.

on top of all that i went into a supposed sprint store, (said sprint on the building, had sprint merchandise, employees were sprint uniforms) and asked about getting an evo the girl told me that it would be $50 down and i would have it in 1-2 weeks. then when she found out i wasnt adding a line or a new customer she told me i would have to wait a month if not longer and still pay $50 down, because new customers and upgrade customers have more right to an evo than a loyal customer wanting to pay full price for one.  i thought this might be bull so i talked to online chat and they confirmed it as soon as they stopped giving me generic responses.

so if i want an evo before something better is made in 2011 i have to either add a line and increase my monthly bill, cancel my contract and pay the cancelation fee and start a new contract, or cancel and add a line to my fiances account just to get the phone before september.

this is ridiculous!  how can a company be so unprepared even apple was prepared for the iphone4 issues and had an additional piece made and ready to go to fix the drop call issues and are now beginning to give them to customers instead of making them buy them.  so you cant tell me that sprint couldnt have prepared themselves better for this.

all in all i think its time for those of us who have not gotten the evo and have been waiting patiently to get together and send a mass email to sprint demanding that the premier customers who have been waiting for this phone get the phone without contract renewals or add a lines for the 199.00 price without having to do a mail in rebate, or we all cancel our contracts.

there are literally hundreds of people selling these phones on ebay for 500 - 600 a pop yet sprint cant get any from htc.  has htc shut down the plant? is the evo so hard to make that they cant bang out several 100,000 in 1 - 2 weeks and send them all to sprint?  microsoft released the new xbox 360 and only had a 2 week period of time where stores were sold out and then the stores put a 1 - 2 per household limit on them. i got one for me and 1 for my son at different stores. so why cant that be done with the evo?

plus this 25% discount on in store accessories that we get as premier customers is a joke! i would rather have the ability to buy the phone i want and pay full price for accessories.

anyway i think sprint maybe on the rise in the cell war race but as for customer service they have just dropped the ball completely!  30 days to make a new customer happy, how about making the customers who have been with them for years happy first!

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