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Broken HTC Touch


Broken HTC Touch


I believe my screen is cracked on my HTC Touch.  While I would like to upgrade my phone to a Hero or Moment, I do not want to upgrade my plan.  What are my options?? I have heard that you cannot get HTC Touch's anymore.  Will Sprint give me a different phone??  I am also assuming that I will have to pay for the repair/new phone since it is past the warranty date.



Re: Broken HTC Touch

Hi...first of all, if you don't want to change your plan, get a phone that is compatible with your current plan..You know SAmsung Moment and the HTC PRO 2 can only be activated if you have the Everything Data plan (the basic is 450 mintes w/ unlimited sms, data, navigation and calling to any mobile for $69.99)....You can try calling Sprint SAles department to get the HTC Pro. I believe that phone can be activated with any other plans...and also about the replacement, sicne your hpone is HTC, there will be a non-refundable deductible of $100 for the replacement, that is if you have the TEP or Total equipment Protection ($7.00 a month). hope this will help.


Re: Broken HTC Touch

The Windows Mobile phones or older Palm OS phones like the Treo and Centro are able to be used on older plans. If you are looking at a Palm WebOS device (Pre, Pixi), Android or Blackberry you would have to change your plan one way or another.

The Touch Pro 2 does not require an Everything Data plan as rainbowdust has said, it can be activated on an old plan. Do know however that for the mail in rebate if you upgrade you must have either a plan that includes data, or at least a $25 data plan add-on.

If you go through the Asurion and the TEP/ERP insurance (assuming you have it since you have a smartphone that costs ~$500 full retail) there would just be a $100 deductible and they would send you out another one. Cracked screens are always considered physical damage and go through Asurion. There are usually replacement devices for years after a handset has been discontinued. It will most likely not be a new device, it will be refurbished.

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