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Bullying tactic


Bullying tactic

I had a conversation with someone in customer service about the different plans and  phones that Sprint offers.  The man spent a considerable amount of time explaining various options for me, until he was starting to get bored or something, so sensing this I told him I was going to research the two phones I had narrowed to and get back to him.  I asked his name so I could call back the next day and he would get the commission for the sale.  He told me that I could not request him but that he would call me the next morning.

Late the next day he called back and I was in the middle of carrying groceries and said if he wanted he could call back the next morning.  He called me 5 times between the time I got to my car, got the groceries in the car, got my kids strapped in their car seats and got home again.  When I was able to take his call I told him that I had expected his call in the morning and I could not talk now.  He tells me that in order to get the phone I want that I needed to get it that day or the price would go up.  I knew he was full of it and told him so and hung up.

This call almost cost Sprint a customer.  If it wasn't for the fact that I talked to a very nice and helpful lady the next day, I would be at Verizon or T-Mobile.  Although, who knows, I haven't signed with Sprint yet.

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