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Check your rebate status online


Check your rebate status online

Why does it take so long for rebates to be returned.  Why can't we as consumers choose to have our rebates applied directly to our accounts/bills if that's what we prefer.


Check your rebate status online

Hello. I apologize about the frustration. The method Sprint uses for most of our rebates is a mail in system. That does take 4-6 weeks after it has been received. Mail in rebates will never be applied directly to the account, they are always sent in, processed and then sent back to the customer. There is no choice for the customer when it comes to this. I hope this explains a little more clearly. Once again, sorry for the frustration.


Check your rebate status online

Maybe that will be an option in the future.  Look at the advancement in rebates over the last few years.  Just a few years ago you couldn't see the status online and there was not a direct number to the rebate department.  Because of consumer demands there have been a lot of changes so hopefully more will come. 

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