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Check your rebate status online


Check your rebate status online

Where is my Mail in Rebate from Feb.?

I have been waiting for my $200.00 REBATE SINCE FEB. After approximately thirty hours on the phone with sprint associates and finally thought someone was actually giving me a solution here it is the middle of June and still NO REBATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Angry and Frustrated due to the failure of a packing invoice not being included with the delivery of our 2 Blackberry phones. I was promised I would recieve faxes within 4hrs at least 10 times before I had had enough of the BS run around between the to different departments within Sprint customer service. Finally this wonderful associate after speaking with a supervisor and the other department told me to send a copy of my invioce with the rebate and it will get processed> I was so Thankful to finally having what I THOUGHT was a solution! That was I repeat FEB and It is JUNE. I have done business with you for 10 years and on previous times have had disputes and it has been resolved most times in a timely manner but I always had to PAY until it was. If I'm late I pay a late charge. What do I charge you for all these months you have used my money (late charge and interest free) with no credit as I was PROMISED!!!!!! If I did't pay my bill you would shut my phone off. I need to be compensated for the endless phone calls, return reciept mailing which I have a copy from the rebate center recieving my paperwork ,etc..                          TIRED AND DISCUSSED

                                                                      ELLEN HOLM DUNSTER

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