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Customer Service a Thing of the Past


Customer Service a Thing of the Past

I havent heard of a cell phone company yet that goes out of its way to make its customers happy and doesnt have any problems whatsoever in any area. That is unless you are a new customer. Then for the first year or so everything is fine until you decide to renew or change something. The ONLY reason why I stay with Sprint is because I know where they go wrong and how they go wrong. Its why I agreed with my friend when she got so pissed at them and canceled her new contract because of an error. I deal with problems every time I renew my contract because in someway Sprint ALWAYS messes it up. This time is no different.

So we renewed the contract at the beginning of the year. After the end of February I did not see a bill. I didnt get one and since I didnt get a physical bill I didnt think of it. Bright and early Saturday morning I get a text message from Sprint saying To avoid an interruption in service please call 8xx-xxx-xxxx. So I get pissed off and automatically go check online to see they are charging me a lot and I never received the bill. I get angrier because I want to know where their amounts come from. The first person I talk to says I owe this amount and how do I want to pay for that. She doesnt even bother to try and explain how I owe the money. When I ask she tries to give a flimsy response and then gets rid of me by transferring me to customer service. Her name was Alex. So I wait at customer service about 15 minutes and get James on the phone. I start yelling at him and he tries telling me they mailed me the bill and tries to give me the address they mailed the bill to and he says the wrong address. When I correct him on this he hangs up on me. Now, I am furious and seeing red. So I call back and wait another 10 minutes on the phone for a combined over 30 minutes of dealing with Sprint and no answer to my problem. I get Britney on the phone and I inform her of this obnoxious wait naming off Alex and James and telling her that she can either deal with me pissed off or transfer me to a manager. She chooses to deal with me but even she has problems with it because she looses her cool a few times. I finally find out that they SUPPOSEDLY sent out the bills Feb 22 and at the end of March but I havent seen either one. I acknowledge that the post office might have not delivered the bills but its kinda odd to have it happen two months in a row. But the first time I hear anything about being late on my bill is a text message on my phone threatening to cancel service without explaining anything. I acknowledge I could have been checking online but I dont use the internet to pay my bills. I rely on the postal system. So while the post office might have made a mistake in delivering my mail I have been on time and consistent in paying my bill for as long as Ive been with Sprint and my credit is sparkling. I would appreciate some consideration from them because if I havent paid my bill there is a reason otherwise I would have called and informed them of the change. And honestly every time for about the last three or four times I have renewed my service with Sprint there have been major issues. I ALWAYS have to watch Sprint and study the bill and then call and correct them on it when I renew. This time has been no different.

The sad thing is this isnt the first time Ive had a problem with customer service. When Sprint had their phones in India I had a problem understanding the people there and they had a problem understanding me. When I emailed this to Sprint as a complaint some lady rudely accused me of prejudice which I seriously took offence to. Instead of dealing with her over email I called back and spoke to someone that had an accent but we didnt have a problem understanding each other and she fixed my issue. Another time just after I renewed service I called to correct Sprint on the error and the customer service representative told me I was mistaken and not reading the bill correctly. She walked me through the bill verbally and when we got to the end she realized the error and corrected it. I didnt need to be walked through the bill, she could have done so on her own and explained it to me after IF I was wrong instead of calling me wrong from the beginning. Sprint has a definite problem assuming its customers are wrong and that everyone is out to rip them off just as much as they rip its customers off.

Also Sprints rebate system is a joke and I seriously dont trust it. I recently sent in my rebate form which had room for two phone numbers; I had one receipt with two authorizations on it for two phone numbers; I was told by the salesperson that this was all I would need. Yet now I have to fight with Sprint some more in order to get the second rebate. Tell me this, why would I perfectly write up one rebate and NOT want the second rebate. Honestly in my mind it seems like an excuse to rip me off for more money. Sprint misrepresentsits rebates. In the stores they highlight the end dollar amount you spend and minimize how much you get back on the rebate. So I end up expecting to spend less and finding out I have to spend more up front when it comes to paying and then waiting around months to get my money back only to have to fight Sprint for it at the end otherwise I dont get my full rebate. I have NEVER had a complete rebate work right with them. In fact if I could find a way around getting a phone and spending less money without a rebate I would.

The other thing wrong with my renewal this time is that they added a whole bunch of services onto my phones, gave me the first month free and then I have to call in to cancel. Im sorry but when my bill is already sky high at 115 dollars and you jack with it enough to add about 80 dollars more I dont want the added services. I leave my bill at that amount to include it in my monthly budget. Why Sprint thinks I automatically want to spend more money on them is wrong. Each time I renew my service I have to reduce my service so my bill stays the same amount. You can see that from my history too. And this business of adding a service fee when you upgrade your phone is just another way to rip your returning customers off. Next time I renew my service I should change companies. SPRINT OBVIOUSLY does not value me if they are constantly trying to rip me off. In fact if I could do it now without losing a bunch of money I would leave. Im done watching Sprint like a hawk every time I renew service just so I dont get ripped off. I have a VERY LONG history with Sprint. Sprint used to care about the customer and in my mind was the best in customer service. That was over 7 years ago. Now all they care about is the bottom line and I dont appreciate it. Id rather be a new customer because then maybe Ill get the respect and service I deserve.

Perhaps Sprint should look at returning to some of its customer values from over 7 years ago. Sprints Customer Service department needs a serious education on customer service. The customer is not always wrong and people should be more willing to help and explain rather than passing the issue and making excuses. Also the sales people in your stores should be more forthcoming with information. I receive a long receipt with tiny type on it that glosses over a lot. If I received a whole 8.5 X 11 print out detailing what services I am signing up for, what changed from my last service agreement, and my total costs on everything I would appreciate it. I would much rather know everything up front then have to watch my bill and alter it after I study it to find out where the hidden or mistaken costs are.

Also, do us a favor and get rid of the rebates. Sure it makes you a lot of money because people dont do them or fill them out incorrectly but its not a nice way of doing business. The phones and services cost a lot of money as it is. Stop compounding the problems by offering a rebate and then having your customers jump through hoops to get their money back.

Phones in past years didnt last as long and so we usually had to get the new models and spend more money when the contract ended. Perhaps the phone that I have now wont have issues and die on me after two years and maybe I can keep it longer to avoid the new service fee youve tacked on. The costs of your minutes and packages have finally leveled off some, but the cost for new services has doubled in many areas. I understand you need to make money but perhaps you should take care of your returning customers better before messing with their bottom line so much. Better treatment of people with a good payment history and good credit would be nice. As well as an effort to keep the bill at the same rate or explain why it increased at the beginning of the renewal would also be a nice improvement.

Not everyone is out to rip someone off. Some people would just like common curtsey and real customer service which seems to be a thing of the past.


SO you are one of those!!!!!!!!!!!i demand you restore my service!!! i cant understand you!!! Im the king bend over for me!!!

first if you are not reciving a bill, in one month, dont you think the intelligent thing to do is to call sprint or did you tought that you won a contest and got free service for a month????  also, who told you that the best way to get thing your way was by yelling at people?? what are animal?? i wish we could set up a special CARE SERVICE for people like you where, if you were to dispute a charge, or getting a rebate we could get you in an octatagon ring and figth it out; if you win you get that discount. that would be cool to see you people get your ass kicked and stop YELLING your way around. if you had this problem several times is probably because you are one of those who are angry even before you start dialing, so when the Rep picks the call all he does is defend himself. DONT GET ME WRONG  there are a bunch of people that should not be working in CARE but as far as your posting here... i am glad you have being reciving that kind of treatment couse is clear that is what you deserve.

   Now going into the "im had being with you since i was waring dippers and that is how you treat a valued customer????" that is getting old. i could just keep going on and on about the same things you are complaining but in a nut shell; grow up, pay your bills and stop yelling to the guy that has something you want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I have been there before...on both sides of the phone.  I can tell you first hand, starting a call to any CS rep with any company by yelling, screaming and cussing will not get you what you want as fast as you want.  When I did the CS gig (tech support for dsl) and a customer started ranting immediately...they basically got 2 minutes of free ranting at me before I would interrupt them and ask them to calm down. Most were done within a minute and that is completely fine. It is out of their system and ready to fix the issue in a calm and collected manner.  However, if they did not calm down and/or continue cussing we were able to let them know if they do it again that we could disconnect the call. I have done that numerous times and we did not have to take the abusive language.  Nothing will get done by screaming, yelling, accusing and cussing. No matter how much you think it will, it will not and just makes you look like an @$$.  Half of the time, I would mentally picture what this person would look like and what kind of physical gestures they were doing like jumping up and down or flailing their arms around while doing their tirade, lol.

Is it fair or funny you are experiencing this? Absolutely not. Your issue should have been resolved on the first call the first time.  However, yelling will generally not get you what you want.  I have been pushed that far before as to where I want to yell at some CS reps but I simply remember that the rep is more willing to help if you are calm.  Then the rep is not having to deal with defending him/her self and/or the company constantly inbetween your breathes of yelling.  Being calm and cooperative is the best thing to do and if you get nowhere with a CS rep, ask for a level 2 rep or a supervisor.


kxguy wrote:

i am glad you have being reciving that kind of treatment couse is clear that is what you deserve.

   Now going into the "im had being with you since i was waring dippers and that is how you treat a valued customer????" that is getting old. i could just keep going on and on about the same things you are complaining but in a nut shell; grow up, pay your bills and stop yelling to the guy that has something you want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And you resurrected a three year old thread why?  So you could belittle customers I think.

From the wording of your posts , it suggest you're an employee of Sprint, and based on what I've read, a new employee at that. 

If the attitude in your post is any reflection of how you treat customers on the phone, then I would say Sprint has done little to improve the quality of their customer service reps, and a prime example of why customers are flocking to other carriers.


I kinda agree both ways here...I just got off the phone with a CS rep...I was inquiring as to why I was paying for 2 addons that both included Sprint TV. The 1st was the Vision Pack I'm told I must have, over and above my phone plan, in order for my LG Rumor Touch to even work. The 2nd was the Data Premier Pack that I had previously been told (at the local Sprint store where I got the phone as an upgrade) I needed in order to have Sprint Navigation...I now have been informed, after a 15 minute conversation, that I've been paying the extra $10/mth for the Data Premier for nothing...that the 1st required addon (why is it an 'addon' if it's required I don't know) has everything that the 2nd addon has and she removed it from my to get with billing about being charged for something I didnt need and was paying double for, I don't for a minute believe I'll get a refund of the 6 mths I paid though...

Still, I really think it depends on not only the customers demeanor duing the call but on the individual CS as to what kind of service you get.


The thing you have to realize, is that this is a national company. So is every other cell phone provider. They have literally tens of thousands of employees, and they are not created equal.

I used to work in a call center. I took about 70 calls a day. 5 days a week. Every month, i had 4 calls graded by quality control. Do the math.

That's not enough to ensure a consitent quality of customer service, but the sad truth is, that's all that can be afforded.

You like your discounts on phone, you like the competitive rate plans. (I know for the services I have, it's the cheapest, i've actively compared The Big Four, your mileage may vary.), then, unfortunately, this is a necessary evil.

If you don't feel you're being treated fairly, hang up and get a different rep.

I have no complaints. In the past year, i've called customer care about 40 times, and each one, i've been dealt with wonderfully.

There's been mistakes, and they have always been dealt with fairly, (and one time in particular, i was given much more than i even expected)

The thing you have to realize, is that there isn't some guy sitting there in the billing department going "oh, lets just bill this guy 40 extra bucks *click click*". Your billing is handled by computers, automatically, based on the information your phone communicates with it over the network, and the features that are added to your account.

Mistakes happen EVERY day. If you explain the error calmly and rationally to the person on the other end, they're usually more than willing to fix it.

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