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Does sprint have termination fee waver policy? so POOR customer service answers!


Does sprint have termination fee waver policy? so POOR customer service answers!

I upgraded my phone last Nov, but I have to cancel the service since I am leaving the US forever.

I have talked with the customer service two weeks ago, and she said they can wave ETF if I faxed the itinerary.

The day before yesterday, I called again and they said I need to provide address proof of the country outside the US and my brother in law faxed over the document. They said they can translate the document so I didn't need to tranlante!!!

And today I called to the customer service and one guy (Ralph?) said they don't need the document at all and they just need the phone back! And he's not sure if they can translate the documents (written in foreign language).

What a horrible service sprint has!!

Can anyone clarify this?

Thanks in advance.



Thank you for posting your question here. Both pieces of information were correct. We must verify that you are moving to an area that does not have any coverage. This can be any of the following:

o   Utility bill.

o   Lease agreement.

o   Mortgage document

o   Government document, such as Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV)

o   Employer document, such as a move letter

o   Similar documentation as stated above.

Any of these items need to have yoru name and address at the new location. You will also need to return your phone to us to have the termination fee waived.

If you have any questions please let me know.

Thank you


Sprint Social Care Team

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