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Phoenix, AZ       I just ordered 2 Sprint LG Rumor Touch and have been a Nextel customer for over 4 yrs - I was told at Sprint store, online and Sprint phone sales that if I upgraded with new phones and new plan (2yrs were up on 2nd old contract)  that I would get a $50.00 credit for accessories for EACH phone and never received anything - this last week I got the new LG's - changed plans and since I was Nextel and changing to Sprint - I had to have a Sales Rep do this - I COULD NOT do it online, myself - I ordered a case and screen protectors and only got the credit for ordering 2 items instead on full price for 1 item (20% off total price) - why was I charged anything? - What happened to me $50.00 x 2 = $100.00 total in accessories credit   - can someone -please honor what was told to me instead of "BLOWING" it off

P.A. Johnson  

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