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HTC Touch Pro Replacement


HTC Touch Pro Replacement

I have an HTC Touch Pro that I've had for about six months now and has started acting up. The keyboard sometimes does not function (it has done this since it was new) and it now also performs a hard reset at seemingly random intervals. While researching these issues and my options for getting the device replaced under warranty I discovered quite a few discussions about sprint providing other options for replacement devices. I wouldn't mind a different device as this is probably the worst phone I've ever owned. I've previously owned HTC devices including the 6700 and have never had as many issues as I have with this phone.

I would take the Touch Pro to a repair center but there are no repair centers OR sprint stores within about 70 miles. Do I have any other options if I wanted to swap the device out for one of the other available devices?


Re: HTC Touch Pro Replacement

sad to say, the only option other than driving would be to get that 800 number for your insurance if you have and pay the deductable for them to replace that phone. Thats about all i know to tell you.   good luck unless you make a weekend trip on the 70 mile voyage

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