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Has anyone else had unauthorized Renewal of 2yr contract


Has anyone else had unauthorized Renewal of 2yr contract

I recently checked my bill and apparently Sprint associate will just renew your contract whether you want it renewed or not. Several of them have called me and I always turned down the discounted renewals because I do not want to be in a contract. I should have a contract and come to find out they renewed me once already that ends on the 11th of June and was about to get me again for 2 more years. I am soooooo upset about this I do believe this is the last straw for Sprint. This is theft and dishonesty at its best. I paid $400 and something dollars for the Touch Pro 2 to find out that some dishonest worker went into my account and renewed my contract anyway. I could have just took the discount if I wanted that. Sprint Best Believe I will be Shouting this to the Mountain Top. I never expected nothing like this from them. Guess its time to move on!


Re: Has anyone else had unauthorized Renewal of 2yr contract

Honestly, with all of the experience I have had with Sprint/Nextel, you shouldn't have any problem at all in having them remove that restriction from your account. What I would suggest if you are pressed to get out of your contract is to call up with a favourable voice and demeaner and tell your attendant what you have mentioned here and point blank ask for it to be removed. If you cannot get positive results with that one attendant, simply say you have to go and hang up, call back and find csomeone new that will help you.

Unless you have received a package or something that you are not disclosing here, there shouldn't be any reason why they wouldn't want to help you resolve the issue.

For a last resort - if you are getting nowhere and on the verge of leaving but would like one more trump card - you can ask to be transfered to speak to "Customer Retention". Their job is to "KEEP" you as a Sprint Customer and to have you always happy. Tell them your story nicely and that you are considering leaving Sprint because of it. They usually will move to help you immediatley and may even help to put you into something better if presented.

Always ask, "Can you help me?" Ask and you shall receive.

Remember this - A bear can catch more bees with honey!

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