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Impossible to cancel Iphone order?

Impossible to cancel Iphone order?

I recently ordered 2 new Iphone 5's... one for my wife and one for me.  I was told at the time of ordering that it would ship in 2 weeks.  Today (one week later) I recieved an e-mail saying that the order would instead be here in 3 weeks from today.  This is bad news for me because my phone has been acting up and is getting harder and more frustrating to use.  So, because of the e-mail today with the 3 weeks news, I decided to cancel one of the iphone 5 orders and order the samsung galaxy s3 instead.  I called customer service and they said that I had to wait the 3 to 4 weeks until my iphone order ships and then refuse it.  They said there was nothing they could do about it.

I have read on other message boards that the reason customer service can not cancel orders is because they do not know when or if the phone actually was sent out, and they wanted to prevent customers from scamming sprint in some way.

So, now I have to use my problamatic phone for up to a month or more before ordering a new one?  Please tell me that there is a fix for this.  There is no way in the world that the Iphone has been shipped yet.

It seems my only option is going to be to just cancel my sprint account all together and dispute the charge to my credit card company.  I have a busy month of work and I need a phone that is in good working condition.

Please advise.  Thanks.  I have been a sprint customer for 11 years... and although sometimes it has been shaky, I have always stayed.  I really hope this is not the end! 


Re: Impossible to cancel Iphone order?

I have the same problem, and what they are doing is illegal. If they do not ship within the time they specified, they have to give you the option of canceling the order per Federal Trade Commission rules. I have filed a complaint with the FTC and the BBB.

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