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Is customer retention important anymore? Instict S30 issues. No resolve


Is customer retention important anymore? Instict S30 issues. No resolve

I've been with Sprint now for about 2.5 years. I was with my previous carrier for 8 years. I don't like to change, but due to some spotty service at my home I decided to change. I had 3 hybrid phones with a fairly big plan. Throughout the first 2 years I really had no complaints or issues. December 11, 2009 I decided to add another line and go to all sprint with 4 "smart" phones and an unlimited data plan. I renewed my contract for 2 more years and got 4 Samsung Instinct S30 phones. The first week of February I had a reception issue with my phone for a couple of days and Sprint informed me that it was due to an outage in my area. The strange thing is that my neighbors phone worked fine. I told them at the time that the "dead zones" along my commuter route were much longer than they had been with my hybrid phone but they neglected to address that. After a couple of days my phone seemed ok so I let it go. Again about 2 weeks ago I began to have reception issues in and around my work. I never had these issues with my hybrid phone. I called customer service and after keeping me on the phone for an hour performing different tests and reprogramming, they finally agreed that the problem must be in the phone and said they would send me a replacement. I received the replacement and took it to the Sprint store (as instructed by customer service) to have all of my content transferred and have my new phone registered and activated. The representative transferred the content and registered the phone only to find that the touch screen didn't work properly on the new phone. He then had to re-register my old phone so I wouldn't be without. I called Sprint customer service from the store, (on my old cell phone). The 1st person I spoke to said he would need to transfer me to the "escalation department" so that they could send me out "a different type of device" I had not YET asked for a different phone, although I did intend to. He put me on hold 4 minutes into the call. At 35 minutes into the call a representative from the "escalation department" finally picked up the call. This person informed me that the long holds are typical because there are only 5 people in this department. If I wanted to deal with them I would simply have to wait. I described the problem that I had and she informed me that she would send me out another of the same phone. I asked her if she could give me a different phone because I felt that I would probably have more issues with the replacement, and cannot afford to have these kinds of issues. I have customers who contact me on my phone and cannot afford to be dropping they're calls they get fed up and call someone else. It costs me money to drop calls. She informed me that I was out of the 30 day warranty and this was not possible. I'm less than 90 days into this contract and am already having these kind of issues. How can I expect to get 2 years out of this device??? I asked if I could upgrade and pay some of the upgrade. She said yes she could get me $150.00 off of the retail price of the new phone!!!!! So for me to move up I'm looking at $479.00!!!!!!! I just got this phone!!!!! She then quickly processed the replacement and hung up on me while I was talking to her. I do understand how warranties work, but this is rediculous. I pay Sprint $200.00 a month for this kind of support and customer service??? I just don't think they care about retaining their current customers. I guess they figure that they've got you for 2 years so that's good enough. The sad thing is that the whole reason that I switched to Sprint was because of spotty service at my home. My previous carrier had great customer service.  With this phone I now have spotty service at my home and terrible customer service to go along with it. Do they really care!!!!!

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