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Lied to - WTF was Sprint thinking?


Lied to - WTF was Sprint thinking?

Sprint, how do you think you are going to get and keep customers by lying to a

I am extremely brand-loyal when dealing with a company that I have received
exceptional customer service from.  Up until yesterday I thought I had found
such a company in Sprint.  Until this point I have been saying good stuff about
Sprint, spreading the word for both the parent company and Boost Mobile, because
it was owned by sprint.  Want to check it out, go to Yahoo Answers and look
under the user "Brian F" in consumer electronics, Cellphone and plans...  You
will see a direct turn-around starting with answers beginning tomorrow.  I've
also spoke to many people in a very positive light about both Sprint and my
Hero.  Since I am a computer consultant, I have the opportunity to recommend or
cut down a company when asked, and get a lot of opportunity to show off new
technologies to quite a number of people.

Sprint, for $100 you have lost a customer (a new one, granted) who has already
been very vocal in it's support of you for the last 2 months.  I have a
life-time to turn that around, however.

I switched to Sprint after being with U.S. Cellular for almost 14 years (I don't
"hop around" with my brands unless I'm wronged)...  I left US Cellular for 1
reason... they disabled the GPS unit on a Blackberry I had.  I chose Sprint for
it's plans and because they had an Android device available that I liked (and
still do).

I switched on "release day" for the Hero in October, after looking at the Sprint
online coverage maps which showed dark green for my city.  (The maps have
subsequently been updated after I complained to show "coverage varies", although
I still have screen shots showing the coverage when I started my contract.)

I called Sprint a couple of times about this issue, finally talking to technical
support on 10-31-09 (10 days before my 30 day free trial was up).

I was finally told that Sprint would supply an Airrave unit at no charge for my
home, since about 60 percent of my minutes are used from home. (the town where I
have my office has good coverage).

I was told that the order, of course, had to be approved by a different
department, but I would be contacted by phone within 48 to 72 hours if the
request was denied.  Since I had 10 days yet to cancel, that was fine.  The
technical support person I spoke with was very professional and helpful, as has
every person I have had contact with.

I had not received my unit after a month, and was getting ready to get a new
Hero for my daughter for Christmas, and figured before I did this I would check
on the status of my Airrave unit.  I spoke with retentions who found the notes
from 10-31 and advised me they could not supply the unit to me, unless I wanted
to pay for the Airrave and the monthly charges.  I told him I was told I would
be notified within 72 hours by phone if it were not approved back in October...
I told him I was never notified, and he apologized.

He was a bit upset when I had to refer back to the recording I made of the
conversation with the customer service rep, to find the exact date that I had
called.  He asked if I had informed the rep I was recording the conversation,
and when I told him no, Iowa only requires one of the two parties to know a
phone call was being recorded, he said "well we inform YOU when we are recording
a phone call"  LMAO

I really can't believe Sprint is so out of touch to think that lying to a
customer over a $99 unit, with a customer who would have had 2 lines, bringing
in $160/month is good business sense.  I was also told I would have to pay $100
for ETF, even though this is Sprint's mess-up from the beginning...  Hmmm  I
don't really think so...

Sprint, how much will it cost you for 30 or 40,000 roaming minutes I can easily
use on Verizon in a month?

Is it Sprint's experience that when people threaten legal action, they don't
carry through?

It took me all of 45 minutes to file an official complaint with the Iowa
Attorney General's Office this afternoon after I got off the phone with Sprint,
with the specific angle being that I was lied to to prevent me from switching
during my 30 day trial period.  (Since the State Attorney General is not
interested in a specific cases, rather they are concerned with customer
protection, thing like unfair practices, mis-representation etc... Sound *just*
like my problem here with Sprint.)

I think it would be appropriate that Sprint be required to hire an independent
company to transcribe all dealings with customer support for all residents of
Iowa to transcribe and mail such transcriptions to to the customer, since
apparently Sprint has a problem actually having their promises recorded by us
"peons", and I stated as much to the Attorney General's office.

At this point all confidence in Sprint is gone and I will be very shortly too.

I guess I'm checking to see if anyone knows how to get in touch with someone at
Sprint that can play "Let's make a deal" on the order of full refund of my
phone's $180 purchase price, (I return the phone, obviously).  Certified letter
waiving all ETFs, pro-rated refund of unused days on my billing cycle, port my
number off of Sprint etc.?

In return I don't find out just how many roaming minutes I can actually use on
my unlimited talk plan over the next few months?

You know, something where I can honestly say "My problem has been resolved to my
complete satisfaction" when the AG's office calls me in a couple of days (They
always follow-up with the complainant before starting action, at least that has
been my experience the past 3 times I've filed complaints against companies.)

You know, someone I can contact to get a resolution in "48 to 72 hours"  LOL


Your e-mail has been received by the Consumer Protection Division of the Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller.  Thank you for contacting our office.  We will review the information you provided and, if it is complete, we will respond to you within about four weeks.  Our response may be via e-mail, telephone, or regular mail.

Make sure you included enough information

Please understand that if you were writing us with a consumer complaint, we will not be able to complete our review of your complaint unless you included the following in your original e-mail:

your full name, mailing address, telephone number; and,
the full name and address of the company or individual about which you are complaining.

Consider using our on-line complaint form

If you did not include that information, you might prefer using our on-line complaint form.  Click here to go directly to our on-line form.

Include copies of any documents that relate directly to your complaint.

Also, if your complaint involves written documents such as a contract, notices you received, or other important documents in paper form, please complete and print out our on-line complaint form and mail it to us with copies of any necessary documents to:

Consumer Protection Division, Hoover Building, 2nd floor, Des Moines, IA 50319

If those documents are in electronic form, please send them to us by attaching them to an e-mail or our on-line complaint form.

Please be aware that we may need to contact you for more information if your original e-mail did not give us enough information to help us understand your problem.

Contact a private attorney if you are seeking legal advice.

Please understand that the Attorney General=s office is not the private attorney for individual citizens.  We represent the public, generally, in enforcing laws that protect consumers from misleading or unlawful business practices.  Consider contacting a private attorney if you want legal advice or if you want an attorney to represent you.

Your complaint is a public record.

Under Iowa law, consumer complaints to the Attorney General=s office are Aopen records.@  This means that the public has the right to review or obtain copies of your complaint.  Also, copies of complaints are routinely sent to the person or business the complaint is directed against.  Please contact us if you have any questions about the Aopen records@ law.

            Thank you again for contacting our office.


Sorry to hear that you are having so many problems with your account.  We would be happy to take a look at your account if you would like to PM your account information.


Thanks for seeming to care, (and you might - I really think most Sprint employees REALLY do want to help the customer.)

However, the time to have received help (from Sprint, not you specifically), would have been when I was talking to customer retention.  I explained that I had been promised the Airrave unit, which I had not recieved.  Explaining to this person that by not calling me back, again as promised, within the promised 48 to 72 hours to tell me that the request had not be approved ($99 retail, couldn't be costing Sprint more tha about $50, probably closer to $25) and waiver of the $5/month charge, costing Sprint essentially NOTHING per month, costing me some of my internet bandwidth)  The original reason for joining Sprint was the "Solid Dark Green" coverage are over my home town, with the solid dark green (indicating "Best coverage" on the ledgend on the right) extending 10 or more miles in any direction from my home.  I kind of consider that a "computer lie", and about a month after I originally joined, and complained that it was misleading, Sprint finally *did* correct that coverage map to indicate "coverage varies"

I know Sprint has full-time lawyers who have to feed their families who are going to get paid whether or not Sprint "needs" them, so the cost to Sprint to provide formal replies to the Iowa Attorney General's office, consumer protection division is going to be pretty light, unless the AG's office decides to pull a Microsoft on Sprint and get particularly nasty and go for a class-action based on other complaints (some readers may be aware Microsof had to refund a portion of every copy of Microsoft Office and the operating systems of 95, 98, NT, and XP (up to a certain date, administer the program to obtain all registration records, contact people who registered their products, and create forms and a department for people to simply write in any "registration number from an old product they had lying around from the last 10 or so years... and send back $20 to $50 PER COPY to each consumer who wished to participate), but I do have the satisfaction of knowing it's going to cost at least $25 in real money.

It will also cost Sprint more than $25 is lost revenue from me.  I was a "simply everything" user, who was going to add an addition line for my daughter...  However,  2 days ago, on the 10th (1 day before my 2 month "anniverasry" with Sprint) I became a Verizon customer, and the owner of a Motorola Droid for myself, and just as I told the Sprint customer service rep, I also added a line for my daughter's Droid Eris that I purchased for her.  (I offered her the Droid, but she really like my Hero (As do/did I), so she went with the Eris.instead.

I even avoided the extremely tempting "get even" tactic of setting up a account and racking up 10,000 roaming minutes during the last week with Sprint.  (OK, I *did* create the account to see if I could actually call in, put the first line on hold, and call out on the "2nd" line on the phone to rack up twice as many minutes that way - and yes, you can.  Also verified you could keep those lines open for what seemed like "forever" without actually talking on them - and yes, you can.  Also that the charger could keep up with the constant connection without draining the battery faster than it could charge - yes it does)

Once verified, my anger cooled down, and my better nature took over.  After all, my complaint with the AG's office is simply to "make it as if I had not been lied to for the purpose of keeping me with Sprint beyond my 30 day trial period".  That would be me taking the Hero back, getting my $179 back, my ETF's waived, and refund of security deposit in full.

I know there were times I couldn't make or receive phone calls, so I consider the "testing time" with as equalizing that portion.  Just making up for lost/unusable minutes and data.

Like I told a friend just a day ago when we were talking about cell companies, I do not threaten.  I might tell a company what I *am going to do*, but I do *not* make threats.  (he brought up the subject of cell phones, not me...  He was seeking advice on a phone - glad this all happened with Sprint several days before, otherwise I am sure I would have recommended the Hero/Sprint to him.)  As it was, his needs were best met by the Droid Eris.  (Darn, wish I had been a Verizon customer at that point, could have gotten a $25 referral bonus!)

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