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Lost my 25% discount, discounts not stackable


Lost my 25% discount, discounts not stackable

First of all, I wanted to state that I am NOT complaning, but telling this story to get across what went wrong, and the failure of sprint customer service to prevent this from happening.  I got a fairly acceptable resolution in the end, and that's that.

Here's the story.  I used to have the old SERO account.  When the Hero came out, by that time, I had fulfilled my 2 year contract.  I wanted the Hero.  So obviously, I thought I could enter into a new 2 year plan, and then get the phone.  I specifically wanted to get the new employee plan that replaced it .

According to this site, it was fairly open, and I was going to use his referral to sign up.  However, the phone was not yet available through the new plan yet, so I called in, thinking that I could easily switch to the new type of plan.

However, I encountered some problem, stating that my plan would not be eligible for the new Everything PLus plan, b/c my old SERO plan was not setup right.  When I asked what the problem was, they stated that whoever did the setup for my SERO plan did it incorrectly.

Obviously, that's not my fault, it was Sprint's.  However, I speak w/ the supervisor, and he says he can grant me a 25% discount for the 2 years of my contract.  I say okay, and then that was that. I setup the new plan, and got the Hero fine.

I recently found out that I could get a corporate discount of 15% via my work.  I obviously thought i could stack the discounts.  (we do need to save money these days in this economy!).  I talk w/ the sprint rep.  She doesn't say anything about this replacing my 25% discount.  She says it will be processed, and she was a nice friendly lady.

However, I just find out this past week that the 15% has REPLACED my 25% discount.  I email customer service about this, and their only response is that the 25% discount code is no longer in the system, and that it's been replaced by the 15%, and that discounts are not stackable.  I cordially ask that I be placed back on to my 25% and they reply again that they can't do that, b/c it's not in the system, and they say "sorry for the inconvenience".  This would cost me about $16 extra per month, b/c I'm on a family plan with 3 lines with data.  It was more than just in inconvenience, it was extra money out per month for nothing.

I then call customer service, and the rep can't help me, just says they don't have the access to help me, and I am transferred to retentions.  The guy tells me that the best he can do is to add $10 credit to my plan to offset it (that's his limit), but I just want to go back to my old 25% discount.  He tells me if he could do get me back to the 25% he would, but he can't. I'm having a hard time understanding how the 25% discount could exist on my plan and work fine, but not be added back or at least the new setting reverted.  I work in IT myself, these things are possible to fix.

I'm just trying to get him to understand my situation, but he just repeats the same thing over and over, and he asks me if I want to cancel my plan.  I ask if I can get 30 days to decide, and if I can take the $10 credit to my plan in the meantime.  He says no.  I have to either take the $10 credit or cancel.  If I take the $10 credit, i would be charged an early termination fee.  I can't call and "keep complaining' as he put it.

He asks me if I consider my issue resolved, and I told him, not fully, b/c I wanted to go back to my old 25% discount, and this isn't a full resolution, so he lets me talk w/ his supervisor.  The supervisor was more understanding.  He looked up what happened with my account.  He says the old guy who setup my account set it up wrong (sound familiar?).  He says he applied a corporate discount of 25% and he should not have done that and that it no longer exists.  At least now I understand what happened.  But I tell him that the rep who helped me with the 15% discount should have told me this would replace any existing discount, and that I was never told this.  He acknowledged that, and apologizes for the "inconvenience".  He agrees to also give me an additional $3 discount for one year, so it would be $10 discount for 24 months and then $3 for 12 months.  Also, taking the $10 discount just locked me into another 2 years, but it would not affect my upgrade eligibility according to the supervisor.  It wasnt too bad, since I just started the contract again in Oct 2009.

Anyways, that's the best resolution I can get, and I've accepted that.  But I find the following troubling:

1.  first sprint guy setup my SERO account 'wrong'

2.  second sprint guy applied the 'wrong' discount code

3.  sprint rep never disclosed (or just didn't know) that the discounts were not stackable, and didn't warn me, which now leads to me paying more $ monthly.

4.  they keep talking about the limits of their 'system'.  In customer service, you should not be limited by your 'system' but find a way around it. It makes me wonder what kind of 'system' they are using that's so limited.

I find these issues as lacking qualities for any customer service department.  I wanted to tell this story to point out that customers should not have to pay for the wrongdoings of the sprint employees.

And secondly for all you customers, don't try to stack discounts!  It won't work!

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Re: Lost my 25% discount, discounts not stackable

I truly agree with you.  It's a shame that their customer service people are so badly trained and we the consumers have to suffer the mistakes, the lost, and whatever else comes with their errors.  WHat happen to pleasing the consumer and keeping good long standing customers.  I think Sprint needs to rethink their policies.  If people got together and filed suit against them for all these errors, false promises, and not holding up to their agreements, they would stop the foolishness.

I pay a late fee every month because I wait to get my bill and go over it with a fine tooth comb.  It has become a job, because I am tired of fighting them for wrong charges, errors, dropped savings, you name it.  I have stayed cause I really like the service and the overall plans are better - but these days pre-pay is looking good.

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