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Mislead and lied to. Any ideas?


Mislead and lied to. Any ideas?

I went to upgrade my phone a few months ago. It was two years old and I figured it was time to get a new one. I decided on a Blackberry Curve, I had a Pearl before and actually enjoyed it (compared to other people haha). I wanted to keep my exact same plan, and they saw no problems in doing so. I ordered the new phone over the phone, because whenever I go into a store they seem to have no idea what's going on. I was assured I wouldn't have to change my plan in any way, and that all I would have to pay for was the new phone and upgraded my contract for another two years. When the phone arrived I tried activating it- no dice. When I finally spoke to a representative they told me I would have to get a whole new plan which would cost $120 a month! I was only paying around $70 a month currently. I told them I did not want to change my plan and I had expressly made sure that the new phone I was getting would work. They told me to return the phone to my nearest store and see what they could do for me. Well, I got to the store and they told me that no matter what they would charge me a $30 restocking fee! I am NOT going to pay for someone else's mistake. The employee told me to call the Sprint number back and to tell them I needed to ship it back to them and I would not be charged. Once I called back they transferred me many times not understanding why I could not put this new phone on my plan (since I already had a blackberry plan). Eventually I got a lady who said they would upgrade me to this new plan, but give me discounts to make it cost the same as my current plan. I was happy with what she told me, and said my monthly bill would be $63. Next month, the bill didn't changed... but it was $115!! Not the $63 like I was promised. I tried calling back and talking to someone about this ridiculous cost... they told me they weren't sure about what I was promised to pay for this account. At this point I was very mad and they said they would have someone contact me back to discuss it. Nobody has called me back and my bill is still about DOUBLE of what I used to pay. Anyone have any ideas on what I can do? I don't want to keep paying this amount but it seems I have no choice. I didn't want the phone if my bill was going to be so big but nobody will get back to me. I am wondering also if I can get out of this plan since the contract I renewed into 2 more years over the phone was for my OLD plan with this new phone. I never verbally agreed to any new contract. Anyone have ideas?

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