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Mobile Broadband Account Error?


Mobile Broadband Account Error?

Okay, so I use a Sierra 598U for my mobile broadband solution, which has been great up until this point. I checked my usage today in my account, and I came across something that could not be right.

Okay, so every 28th of the month, my usage resets. Today is the 29th, one day after I started at a clean slate. But according to my account which has about a 5.2Gb limit), says I've already used TEN GB!! (an overage of about 5Gb). I said to myself wait, this cannot be right, because there's no way I've done 10 gigs of data in a day.

And another strange thing. Also according to my account, it says I have only gone over 150,000 kb for an extra fee of $7.15!!

Now, I may not be the smartest tool in the shed, but this has to be some type of error on Sprint. I have posted a screenshot of my account.

If somebody has any idea of what's up with this, I would appreciate it. Thanks


Re: Mobile Broadband Account Error?

Researching this will require access to your account, I would suggest you call customer care asap and have them look at your usage, as the website pulls this information directly from the billing system.

Thanks, Alley

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Re: Mobile Broadband Account Error?

this EXACT same scenario is happening to me.  10GB usage 2 days after the new time period kicks in and I have hardly done anything online.  i called customer service & they said a tech engineer would get back to me in a couple days.  let's see what happens.

is it possible people can hack into/use our broadband cards while we're using them?!?  that seems impossible, no?

will wait and see...

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Re: Mobile Broadband Account Error?

The first day after your usage resets may show some 'interesting' numbers - it takes a bit for the display to reset.

We're investigating a high priority ticket on this issue, along with other reported data use display issues.

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Re: Mobile Broadband Account Error?

Indeed, mine is fluctuating 3gigs down to 1 gig then up to 2 gigs then down to 0k for past two days.  I kinda need to know how much I have actually used. 

Any idea when this will be fixed?


Re: Mobile Broadband Account Error?

my usage display is still wrong.  was on the the phone w/several reps the other day n the calls were dropped a couple of times as i was being transferred back and forth.  so, each successive call necessitated my explaining again and again what the problem was.  when one particular tech representative was able to figure out the problem, he directed me toward another representative and AGAIN, i was disconnected.

paid my current bill the other night to see if that had anything to do w/the incorrect amount of data usage being displayed and yesterday morning, the display read correctly.  now, today, it again is incorrectly displaying me as over my 5G limit-with $13 of additional charges.  the display now also reads that i changed my plan as of 7/5/10!   there IS no other plan to change to!!

i was promised a follow-up call the other day, to check if a tech representative had gotten back to me, but she never called me back.

frustrating!  obviously i need to speak to someone again but haven't had the time to spend another 2 hrs on the phone, the past couple of days!

where else to turn to?

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