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New to Sprint, Am out in the Cold...Sprint, I tried, you failed so far


New to Sprint, Am out in the Cold...Sprint, I tried, you failed so far

my patience has run out. I wait months to get a phone, for the EVO, go and get it release day, and dead pixel. Swap it out, and days later the touchscreen begins to glitch out, customer service guides me through multiple factory resets, still the same. I can now simply touch the usb/charging jack on the bottom and it will launch the weather app from the weather/clock widget on the home page, or whatever is in that area of the screen wherever I am, it will repeatedly hit the Q button if I'm texting, and many other odd things.

Forget about using it while charging. I've called Sprint NUMEROUS times, promised call backs 5 times, never been returned once. I bought the phone in Michigan, and was told that i can ONLY swap this one out at the store i purchased it from, even though I am required in the Chicago area for 5 days minimal a week. So, I add my name to the waiting list which seems insane since i was there opening day to purchase it. The store called me today to tell me my evo is there, I tell them my story, and guess what they wont hold the evo for me to get back there from Chicago area, so, to another waiting list i go

... I try customer support again (about my 30th call by now) but at this point I'm exhausted trying to stay with sprint, and on an evo, especially since this is now my SECOND bad one and getting this one replaced seems impossible. And I am still within my first 30 days......I'm just completely blown away at how I have been left out in the cold, and I really understand that sprint could care less about the individual since they are gaining so many new customers with this phone and their plans.... just had to vent, it has been a long month and I'm ready to walk into the sprint store back in Michigan this weekend and throw this thing on the counter and walk. 400 bucks spent on a phone and accessories and 2 faulty phones and 30 or so calls later I feel worse than i did on my old trackball blackberry curve on T-Mobile, which blows me away

thats the short version of my story, I feel like i've been shanghaied by Sprint

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