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Not given the option of ordering online. Hence no free shipping. Not Fair


Not given the option of ordering online. Hence no free shipping. Not Fair

Here is my situation.

My wife joined Sprint (transfered from AT&T) in July to take advantage of the data plan provided by Sprint.  She bought the Galaxy S3.  I also intended to transfer my cell service over to Sprint, but I wanted to wait for the iPhone 5 to be release before switching.

So to accomodate this, She switch, got a Sprint Individual plan, and I stayed with AT&T until the iPhone 5 was released for pre-order yesterday.  Then we planned to upgrade the service to a family plan and I would add the iPhone 5.


When I went to the website to take advantage of the free shipping, It said that the only way to proceed with my order was to call a number and have the order placed over the phone.  Well at this point I assumed that this was all part of the online service but just an extension of it since it specifically instructed me to do this.

So I called, and after going through the entire ordering process, that representative (FROM INDIA I might add, who was extremely difficult to understand) said that the shipping cost was $12.96.  What the HELL?

I had NO other option other than to call because the website would not let me proceed.  The website would not let me upgrade my plan.  And hence would not let me order the phone.  Hence... told me to call the number.

I attmepted to do this on the website and was not allowed.  I should be given free shipping.

I got scammed is what happened.  I am very disappointed in Sprint. My first experience with sprint is getting scammed out of $12.96 for shipping.  On apple's website it's Free Shipping and on Sprints website it's free shipping.  Why is it not free shipping over the phone.  Especially when the website specifically tells you to call a certain number.  A number, by the way, that is not one of their regular customer service numbers.  It is not listed on the contact us page.

Boo Sprint.  Boo on you.  I hope the rest of our relationship is better than this first experience.


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