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Pissed off is an understatement


Pissed off is an understatement

My week of dealing with Sprint customer service. Let me start first by saying I applied as a business customer. Being a business owner as well as 8 plus years being a customer service manager for for a bank I know training is essential when dealing with customers. However. everytime I called sprint regarding an order placed over a week ago, I was given the wrong information, First I was given the wrong fax number, then was told they had the document but I still had to fax it in. I was advised to email a department that handles business status..ok..I dont woek for Sprint, hard to believe the supervisor couldnt make the call. He advised me the best I could do was refax the document a third time to a number that he assured was now the correct one and that my order would be processed. I advised him I shouldnt have to refax in something I had already faxed in tgwice or two seperate days. Advised him to ccancel..this was after speaking with 5 reps in 2 1/2 days. I was then contacted via email stating my order was approved..umm how is it approved if you didnt have the information I sent in, called back, talked to yet another Im sorry rep who advised me i still needed to fax in the information and my order would be processed. He was nice, went even as far to say he would have one of his peers check on the order the next morning AND that the department was waiting on the document. I advised I would fax it in..only because he was nice. Here it is the next day and no email no nothing..checked the status..and it still said it was being cancelled, contacted Sprint , young lady told me the system would update to the replaced order in 24 hours and to check back then..24 hours later..checked back same status, contacted customer care again..explained AGAIN everthing that had went on the last 3 days..she said the order was pending cancellation hold on let me check and see the notes. after being on hold for sometime, she decided to put me with a supervisor who then tells me the order was completely cancelled, WOW.and that he could replace the order and all monies held from the previous order would be released(yea right..we all know how long that takes) anywho I gave him the go ahead..suddenly Im back onthe phone with the previous rep and shes attempting to place the order..for some reason it was not going thru..she had to take my number and call me back..I missed the call..yes I do work..Called back,had to go thru the SAME thing again and was in the process of being told the order was cancelled until I interrupted her and advised of my she decides to read the notes..after reading back to me the notes for the last 3 days..oh my..she finally gets to the part that I called back for..the new order. I apologize Ms but we cant offer you the same price on the phone..therefor ud have to go back online and start over..Amazing. I couldnt believe it..I couldnt imagine having the reps I dealt with on my team when I worked at the bank. I can only assume its not a requirement to read the notes, if there were I dont believe I would of wasted so much time talking to representatives who didnt know anything, that includes the first supervisor I spoke with. Very unpleasant experience..I hope Sprint and Customer Care make some changes soon and from what I ve read..doesnt look like instore service is much better

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