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Problems with Rebate process


Problems with Rebate process

Was notified through Sprint Premier that I was eligible to upgrade my phones.  Waited to the qualifying date to upgrade existing phones so not to incurred a additional charge and meet the rebate requirement.  Upgraded with new phones with a two year contract.  After receiving new phones and rebate paperwork, I activated the new units and mailed in the rebate as directed by Sprint.  After several weeks, I was notified that my rebate was declined for missing paperwork.  I appealed and proved all required paperwork was sent in.  Sprint notified me that my rebate was be processed again.  Shortly after that, I received another status that my phones did not meet the required activation time for the rebate.

It is just convenient how you can meet the requirements one day and then the next you don't.  This has been one of the worst experiences that I have had with Sprint.  They have been great in a lot of areas, especially trying to fix my picturemail problems.

I can see why you can lose faith in a company when they don't even honor their own words.  Since most of the business is automated, the system should know if you are eligible for upgrades.  If not, you don't have a rebate offering as part of your final billing statement.  I don't like when someone can't keep their word.  I even asked one of the associates if I met the requirements.  They said yes under the Premier plan because certain things were waived.  I would have never process the rebate if I knew there was a conflict of policy and would have chosen a different phone as well.



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Re: Problems with Rebate process

The biggest percentage of rebates get denied for some bogus reason, People who purchased the evo are starting to report getting denied, Call and fight for it, It's like they want you to back down so they can keep it. Be persistent, Call and ask to speak to account services/retention's if they keep giving you trouble collecting it.

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