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Question about ordering a samsung epic? (security deposit)


Question about ordering a samsung epic? (security deposit)

Okay, on friday I am planning to order a samsung epic, and a new 2 year plan, since I don't have sprint. My question is, since I don't have credit (i just turned 19) how much would the security deposit be, if any? Because last summer I tried to get a phone from verizon but since I didn't have credit the deposit was like 350... =/ also I am ordering the phone from amazon (if that makes a difference)? So yeah, does anyone know how much the security deposit is? I'm starting a new plan and I'm gonna get the 69,99 unlimited text/pics/web ect with 450 minutes, and the 10 dollar extra features for the epic.. So I was just curious on how much the deposit is, I have to make sure my paycheck is gonna be enough.. Oh and I'm ordering it using a macy's debit card i got from work if that makes a difference. Thanks.

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