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Re: Is there payment plans on phones with sprint?


Re: Is there payment plans on phones with sprint?

I have been a customer with Sprint for almost 10 years. I just recently went into the Aliso Viejo, CA store to purchase a new phone for my son. We were told by the salesperson that there is a payment plan for a phone we purchased. I immediately called Sprint to confirm that after we were scammed into a new phone without getting the instant rebate and mail in rebate. We also were turning in 3 working phones (recycling) for a rebate that they issued for $5 each on 2 phones and $45 for the 3rd phone. Instead of getting the correct discounts offered, they took a $75 partial upgrade from MY phone (4 months aways from a full upgrade) and did not apply the instant rebate nor the mail in rebate, totalling to $250. My son had $200 cash and handed it to the cashier. There would still be a balance of $213 on the new phone to pay. I was not happy, but the salesperson said we could make payments on the balance, instead of owing a lump sum with my bill. Not so! Sprint Account Collection manager on the phone told me they do not offer payment plans on new phones and that the salesperson was misrepresenting the sale, all for his commission. The Sprint collections mgr asked me to hand the phone to the salesperson and told him that he was not looking out for the best interest of a preferred customer, and in my eyes, a potential referrral or new customer. The salesperson handed the phone back to me and told me he has a lot of clients that he tells to go delinquent on their bill in order for a payment plan to be effective and obtainable. Really now? Is that how sales works? Is that appropriate? Well now I have a complaint into Sprint corporate and with the District Manager of the Aliso Viejo store. I hope that they take a good look at how their salespeople are dishonestly representing their products in order to bring in a sale. In today's economy, it would be in their best interest to keep customers, not scam them.


Is there payment plans on phones with sprint?

Wow, I can't believe that, how crappy is that. Guess I should try that with the sales team here in The TF Idaho Store Aye?

Glad I read your post!


Re: Is there payment plans on phones with sprint?

Saw your post.   We sincerely apologize for this miscommunication.  Currently, we do not offer payment plans on equipment. Be assured that we take these matters very seriously.  You indicated that you have already contacted our executive offices; therefore, I can assure you that we will thoroughly investigate this matter and will take appropriate steps to ensure that situations like this do not arise again.  Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention.

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