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Really?! Unbelievable!! Do they treat everyone this way?


Really?! Unbelievable!! Do they treat everyone this way?

Just dumbfounded by it all.

I have been a Sprint customer for 14  years, last summer after two years with the same ol' blackberry curve,  I decided it was time to upgrade the handset with that trusty $150 upgrade allowance gathering dust, I figured this should be easy......So, on August 4th 2011 at 9:44 am I logged on to Sprint chat (session ID 3371596) and was told by Sprint Agent Elijah H That I would have to pay the new premium data charge if I wanted a new phone, I complained, and after some discussion, I was told at 10:01 AM

"In that case, please upgrade the phone and please contact our account service team at 1-888-211-4727.They will make the premium data add on for free of charge."

and then Agent Elijah H repeated :

"*premium data add of $10 for free of charge."

Great, I thought, Time to pick out a phone! My how thing had changed in two years... I read up on the latest and greatest and then settled on an HTC EVO SHIFT. On September the 9th, 2011, I got around to ordering the phone: (Sprint chat session ID 3647315) Speaking with Agent Julian S. at 7:51 AM after some conversation regarding the price of the phone from Sprint as opposed to Best Buy, he told me:

"I have discussed your concern with my supervisor." "As you are a valued customer for us, I am giving offer to you."

"Once the charge billed on your account for upgrade your phone to HTC - EVO Shift 4G Mobile, please contact us. We will apply the full credit on your account."

Then just to reconfirm, at 8:04 in the same conversation I asked Him:

"...previously ( Session ID: 3371596) a rep agreed that I could keep my current pricing and plan that agreement is still valid correct?"

And He said:

"Yes, you are correct."

So, A week goes by and my phone arrives, I go on line to activate it.

At the very end of the process the fee for the Premium data add on appears again, so I go back to Sprint chat and speak with Agent Veronica Q in (Session ID 3682976). September the 12th 2011 at 3:56pm I explained the situation refrencing the previous chat sessions and refer her to Agent Elija H's quote:

"they will make the premium data add on free of charge"

To which she says:

"Sure, Daniel please allow me few moment for this."


"One moment please."

"I will make all necessary changes on the account. It will take some time."

"I am extremely sorry for the inconvenience caused."

and again:

"I am extremely sorry for the inconvenience caused."

"Please allow me a few moment for this."

"I'm still researching that information for you. Thanks for your patience."

"Thanks for waiting."

"I am sorry for delay Daniel."

"I have checked the account details and found that information regarding this information."

At 4:20 PM I respond:

"Okay let me know, I'm looking forward activating my new phone per the terms previously agreed upon on 9/7/2011 at 7:02 am and confirmed seperately later that same day."

To which Veronica Q. Replies:

"yes, and that's why we are working upon the promise along with the rep's supervisor who offered this to you."

"It would take some time as smart phone requires $10.00 Premium Pack while activation."

At 4:23 PM I say:

"I might recommend you provide a service credit that is equivelent to the fee for the two year term of the contract."

To which Veronica Q. Replies:

"I do understand and we are trying to resolve as per the promise made to you."

At 4:27 Agent Amber S. Replaces Veronica Q without warning

We go around in circles for another hour as she attempts to recend the offer with her telling me:

"I am sorry for the inconvenience however it is not possible for us to add it for free."


"I understand your frustration and apologize for the inconvenience."

Is this not a classic bait and switch? I was told on three different ocassions by three seperate sprint employees that they would wave the data charge on my plan, then, "I understand your frustration and apologize for the inconvenience." ?!?!

That is just not right!

I have followed up with numerous letters and phone calls and eventually filed a complaint with the oregon attorney general's office, the BBB the FCC and the FTC. Complaining of deceptive and misleading business practices, the use of Bait and Switch tactics, as well as failing o negotiate in good faith.

In response Ms. Kirk from Sprints Executive and regulatory Services Office  wrote me and said:

"As stated during our conversation, the records on your account do not reflect an offer to provide you with an HTC EVO Shift, without the monthly $10 Premium Data Add-on.


Ho"However, the records on your account do reflect that one of our Account Services representatives advised you that the charge would be applicable, prior to the EVO Shift being ordered.  The  required $10 Premium data Add-on is clearly and conspicuously disclosed in all relevant sales and marketing materials, and is directly confirmed as part of the purchase process. "

Seriously, Whaathu..?!?!

"For customers who do not want to pay the monthly $10 Premium Data Add-on charge  or do not need a Smartphone, Sprint offers a full range of feature phones (including popular touch screen devices, eco-friendly devices, etc.) that also have access to data and provide a great wireless experience."


Please note that currently, I cannot even repalce my existing phone with the exact same model without incurring the premium data add on charge.

From where I stand, there was a clear and specific offer extended, confirmed and reconfirmed prior to being subsequently being denied.

Now, they can't find any records of the chats on their own system.

I am very disappointed in Sprint.

Im I being unreasonabe here? your opinon is appreciated.


Really?! Unbelievable!! Do they treat everyone this way?

acct services dept is also known as retention dept. so if you will threaten tocancel the acct, they will give you the activation fee for free.


Really?! Unbelievable!! Do they treat everyone this way?

You really only have 3 options:

-keep your old phone with current plan

-upgrade and pay the additional $10 premium data charge

-Or go elsewhere

We all have to pay that fee or will have to eventually.  Either keep your current phone, upgrade, pr price around with other carriers.  There are some pretty good prepaid carriers who offer you unlimited data and minutes for about half the price of Sprint if money is the concern.


Re: Really?! Unbelievable!! Do they treat everyone this way?

ModernVelocity, sorry you were lied to. None of use like it but the $10.00 premium data fee has been applied to all Smartphones 9 months ago and cannot be waived by anyone period.


Really?! Unbelievable!! Do they treat everyone this way?

option 4. upgrade to a non-smartphone and get rid of the $10 data  add-on charge


Really?! Unbelievable!! Do they treat everyone this way?

If you do not want a smartphone, I would most definitely shop around then.  You can find some pretty good pricing for non-smartphone planes with other providers.  Especially with the pre-paid providers.

devilslayer wrote:

option 4. upgrade to a non-smartphone and get rid of the $10 data  add-on charge

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