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Replacement Handset


Replacement Handset

Just a quick question if any Sprint personel can help or if any of you know why... I received a samsung galaxy s2 in the mail, im on a 3rd party employee plan and got this on the employee website as I work at radioshack, well unfortunatley for me the handset was not working from the get go, the buttons on the bottom of the phone just keep randomly going off, and its quite irritating, dont get me wrong i love the phone, and i know this issue is handset specific, My Sprint rep told me its probably something to do with the screen, I can see anything wrong with the screen, but maybe something happened during shipping? Who knows, Anyway when I talked to her, she told me to request and RMA kit, which I did, and go to the employee website she gave me and reorder a new phone and leave comments stating the rma number, Well I did that, and I was told I wouldn't be charged for another phone, but to like a said be sure place the RMA number in comments, I did this and a couple hours later received this email "


Please be advised that we were unable to

complete the processing of your order with the provided

Credit card due to insufficient funds. Your order S1770-P121527 has been cancelled.

Please place a new order for your request along with another credit card

or the correct credit card details.


Sprint CLCS Order Support

So I responded saying I was told I wouldnt have to pay for the replacement handset and then received this back, "

The amount paid for the initial phone will be refunded, that is why you still need to pay the PROMO price for this device.

Thank you for shopping with Sprint!

Sprint CLCS Order Support

Why does the amount paid for the initial phone need to be refunded? and why do i need to pay the promo price for the replacment phone? Im not mad about it, but I just dont have another 200 dollars to spend on a phone and then wait up to 30 days to receive the funds back. So is this the right process for getting a new phone in exchange for the defective one I received??? Any help is great, Thanks!


Replacement Handset

Kizzel00, Sorry for the fustration this may be causing you. I am going to send you a private message to get some more information.

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