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Savvy Customers, must read. Customer Retention is a worthless department.


Savvy Customers, must read. Customer Retention is a worthless department.

Sprints new customer retention is a total joke!

This is a summary of SPRINTS new customer retention motto that I received from a main supervisor today: "he stated in a nutshell, they are to educate customers that SPRINT has the best deal going and if the customer doesn't like it show them the door."  This is not a joke unfortunately, all I can say is WOW. So much for customer loyalty!

I talked five of my very close friends into signing up with sprint and I will do my very best to make sure they don't re-up with them. If they are going to treat me as throw-away customer, they will pay. I apologize in advance to my twitter and facebook friends because they'll have to read all about sprints terrible customer service and I mean terrible, I have many stories that I can share.

I explained in detail what I was promised when I re-newed my contact and all the supervisor could say was I dont see it in the NOTES. Well I just want to warn all sprint customers that the account notes are total "bull" and even if they promise you something they wont e-mail u the notes. You have zero re-course and its their word against yours.

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