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Share plan


Share plan

I recently upgraded my phone.  When doing so I added 2 lines and wanted my plan changed to a share plan after getting the phones.   The plan has already been changed and I've being charge the share price.  Problem is that I haven't gotten the other 2 phones yet.

Do I really have to pay this extra charge on a service I'm not yet able to use being my phones are still shipping?


Re: Share plan

You don't have to change the plans right away, but if you don't change your old plans before the new phones arrive then you will be charged the share plan price and your old plan price. That gets expensive fast. New phones should be there in a couple of days, the prorations for the share plan won't be very much.


Re: Share plan

New lines of service come pre-activated and ready to go out of the box. Upgrade phones are shipped non-activated so you can still use your current device until the new one arrives. This is the reason that the plan has already been changed over probably, since those new lines are active the plan has to be changed.

As for paying for service you can't use yet, you could call into Care and see about a credit. However, look at it in perspective. Let's assume you have the phones all on the Unlimited Simply Everything Plan, that would mean that given 3 days for shipping you would have paid about $18. Now, if you drop that down instead to something  as small as the Talk Share 700, those same 3 days would be $1. Other plans in between of course, depending on what plan you went with. If it is worth it to you, then go ahead and call in asking about a credit for the time.

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