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Significant shortcomings in Sprint's retention department


Significant shortcomings in Sprint's retention department

I have a Blackberry 8830 with numerous problems during the past 3 weeks. I've had numerous miss calls and voice mail failures, sometimes as much as 14 or 15 per day. For the last 6 days I have been working with Sprint's tech support and today went to a Sprint Service store. My phone is still not repaired and working correctly. The store tech informed me that I have a hardware issue. He also mentioned that Sprint and Blackberry have had problems in the past week or two in my area. Sprint Retention told me that, even though their equipment & service is not functioning properly and I have suffered a loss in my business due to the missed calls and lack of voicemails, my only remedy is to use the normal upgrade to get my phone replaced. This is completely unacceptable. If I had no issues I would agree, however since I have had numerous problems severely limiting my wireless service for the past three weeks; it is simply not acceptable to be treated the same as any customer that has completed 2 yrs of satisfactory service and then decides to upgrade. If my phone were working correctly I would not be requesting a replacement phone, hence I see no reason Sprint should require me to extend my contract yet again for another 24 months. My 8830 has already been replaced in the contract extended. It appears obvious that this phone is not reliable phone. During the past 6 yrs my Sprint monthly bill has ranged between $240-$500. It is utterly ridiculous that Sprint is going to lose a good customer who has justification for requesting a change in their policy to a 12 month contract commitment in place of 24 months. I hope to hear Sprint's prompt response before I make my wireless carrier change. If I do not I will be just another Sprint customer that has been lost by poor customer service and employee training. If I'm not mistaken my $250-$500 a month will more than offset the small cost for Sprint to satisfy my request.

Looking forward to hearing from any customers that have experienced similar problems and any resolution that they have received or can suggest. Of course I would also welcome a Sprint representative to call me. It certainly appears that Sprint's customer service department does not understand the functionality and purpose of a retention department. I suggest that Sprint's management visit one of the most successful businesses in the US; located in Norwalk, Connecticut called Stew Leonard's. There they will find a large stone at the entrance that says there are two rules #1. The customer is always right #2. If the customer is ever wrong reread rule number #1.


Re: Significant shortcomings in Sprint's retention department

You should just use insurance to replace your phone. It will not renew your contract. If the phone is less than a year old and the issue is not due to abuse you can likely get the phone replaced for free through warranty. I would suggest always making sure you have insurance and a protective case for your phone. Will save you time and headache especially when you depend on your device.

If Sprint is having issues in your area, perhaps they are doing a network upgrade. Try to contact technical support and see if you can get an estimated time of completion. If they are not doing a network upgrade then something may have changed (perhaps a radio station or another tower) that is causing signal bleed and technical support could submit a ticket and have a field technician go investigate the signal quality and find a resolution for the issue.

Going to any store with an mind-set that you could not have done any wrong will not get you very far with any company. In this economy especially no company can operate on the "customer is always right" idea. Try a different approach with your local technician or the retentions team and see if you can milk them for something. Act appreciative for the help they have offered despite you not having insurance or warranty (or whatever the issue) and go from there. People are more responsive to that. Keep in mind that Sprint is run by people, and people in general like to be treated well (just like you do) and if you are kind and understanding of someone they are usually more receptive to being understanding and kind in return.

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