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So long sprint- poor customer service


So long sprint- poor customer service

I had been a loyal at&t customer for over 7 years, but decided to give sprint a try because of the EVO4g and a corporate incentive program with my company.  I visited my local best buy, got on a waiting list for the EVO and eventually was called to pick it up.  Reviewed the plan with the best buy sprint rep and signed the contract with the understanding that all I would owe would be for the phone.

All is well, until I receive the first bill in the mail.  Nearly double what I was quoted by the Sprint rep in Best Buy when I signed the contract.  Taxes, fees, surcharges, and a spending limit program?  These fees nearly doubled what I payed with At&t!  I contacted customer service numerous times, where each time I was simply transfered to 3 or 4 different people all of which gave me a different story.

None of the customer service reps could explain to me why I was in the spending limit program aside from "thats just what the system does, I don't know how it works."  None of them could even tell me what my bill for next month would be, aside from "well I think it should be around $$, but I really don't know."  They could not explain any of the surcharges, except "i can guarantee we are lower than at&t."  I even had one representative that wanted to argue with me about the fees on my at&t bill, telling me that he was sorry but I didn't not know what I was talking about.  All the while I had my previous month's at&t bill sitting right in front of me.  Eventually this representative told me "Well if you don't like the fees, you might as well just cancel and go elsewhere."

I have never dealt with such poor customer service.  After just 10 days with Sprint, I will be canceling and going to another SERVICE provider.  I have a feeling a company who operates this way will not be in business very long.

Good luck to you, you are going to need it!

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