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Spot Shortages Of HTC Evo 4G Admits Sprint CEO


Spot Shortages Of HTC Evo 4G Admits Sprint CEO

My EVO is on the way - whew what was I thinking?

Oh, I remember, the cool ads that ran on all my favorite shows during the two weeks that the phone was unavailable. No, it was the fact that this is the first 4G smartphone, yeah that's right.

My feelings about the whole experience of ordering this phone have caused me to evaluate if Sprint is capable of competing. Here is a glimpse of what happened during the time I was on the fence about getting the EVO and finally ordering it. (I still don't have it!)

About a month ago I meet this guy who owns a booth at the mall. We talk and I am getting tired of pushing the buttons twice to enter something on my Palm 755p so I talk about options with him. We agree that the HTC Hero is going to fill my needs and he insists that I purchase from him when I am ready. I get home talk to my wife about it and she wants the phone for me.

5 The next weekend I go back over there and the EVO just came out, and had the Hero for $80 with all the promos. When I approach he is getting this black beauty ready for a customer and I ask about it. He lets me know that it is the latest and greatest thing to ever come down. I say I want it. He says sorry I have only one. I say ok, then sell me a Hero for $80. He could not do it. He seemed surprised that the sprint site had it for such a low price, even as they are rolling out a new product. He told me to order from the site. Fine!

I get home and look into the EVO, wow! Now my wife wants the EVO for me (fathers day gift). Long story short, two weeks after my first disappointment I have ordered the phone and I am not happy.

I have had a version of the family plan for over five years. My wife now knows she is going iPhone. I am sticking with Sprint and for that loyalty all I get is the run around. It was awful, the dealers didn't know what to say. So as I did for two weeks before going to bed I check the sprint site to see if the phone is available (so I can plan my day), and it was! I go to SAMS club and the dealer there does not have any, I go the sprint store and he tells me I will have to wait two months for the phone. I said it's online, he said go get it then.

Really? So on the way back home I call customer service to order the phone. They want to add shipping (argh). I said no. They they said 4G is unlimited and 3G is up to 300MB. I say what are you talking about I am on the unlimited plan, why are you talking to me about limits. Now I am just trying hard not to take my frustration out on the rep. I am not done though. This phone better be worth all this crap or I will be getting an iPhone too.

Read the fourth paragraph in the article above. How can you build on a brand with customer care like this?

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