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Sprint Showing Disappointing Customer Service with iphone 4s


Sprint Showing Disappointing Customer Service with iphone 4s

I am getting tired of the run-around regarding the iphone 4s order I placed.  I went into a store to place my order when they came out, and so far I have been getting the run around.  I am supposedly a "Sprint Gold" customer (which means nothing anymore that they are cancelling the program), which at the very least shows that I am a loyal customer and have converted several other members of my family to the Sprint line.  I am not expecting special treatment in the iphone order process, as my money is just as green as everyone else's. 

However, I would expect that I would at least receive information regarding my order.  Such as -- "we have ordered x number of iphones for our store to-date, and you are x on our list."  Fine, I can live with that.  An expectation has been set and communicated.  But this hasn't happened.  All I am hearing from the store is "Oh, we only got the 64s in today.  Hopefully we will get another shipment in soon, and they will have a 16 or 32 in there for you."  Really?  Is that how Sprint runs its business (and by the way, this is at a company store, not a franchise-type location)?  If so, it seems that their downgraded credit rating may have been deserved.


Sprint Showing Disappointing Customer Service with iphone 4s

If you will private message me with an order number of confirmation I will try to see that status of the order.


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