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Sprint and its crazy billing


Sprint and its crazy billing

Hey guys, this is my first post here in the forums cuz you see I am having some huge problems with Sprint, and I feel like they are robbing me of my money, which I don;t have much of it anyways.

I changed my plan to a 1500 min - Unlit. Text on April 11.

I added  a 3rd line also (my daugther)

and I changed the plan in a sprint store.

So ok, when May 12 came around, I got a bill charging me for two months of my new plan.

Apr 08 - May 08

and May 08 to Jun 9.

The total of that bill was $174.15 around that area, since it SAID on the bill that Sprint bills in advance, and I looked in the forums that when you change plans Sprint does charge 2x in your bill.

So today is June 14th, I went to the website and saw my bill was at $137, I went to the sprint store, and they fixed some of the values because they were charged wrong, but then I remember that since my May bill also charged June..why the heck, do I get a JUne bill also..which weirdly enough had the bill period from May 08 to June 09 (which was the same as my DOUBLE bill in May).

So I call sprint, the operators can't help me AT ALL, and when they promise to transfer me to a Financial person, my call dropps - 3 times already on 2 different phones, and all of them have 3 bars all the time in my house.

So has any one have this problem, where sprints charges you double cuz you changed your plan, and then charges you AGAIN for the same time period that you payed for since your last bill did come charing for the month ahead anyways.

Any help is greatly appreciated

Thank you

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Re: Sprint and its crazy billing

I had the exact same thing happen to me. I made changes to my plan in April and received pro-rated charges on my May bill for bill period April 6 to May 7 and then at the bottom of the bill there were "Next Month's Charges" for May 6 to June 7. I paid both the month of pro-rate charges and the following month's charges in full. Then I received my June bill which again had the bill period of May 6 to June 7. When I called Customer Care to explain that I had already paid for May 6 to June 7, their answer was that I'm not understanding the pro-rated charges. I fully understand what pro-rated means. What I don't understand is how a company can bill you for the same bill period twice. In fact I'm pretty sure it's illegal. I've been with sprint for years and have never had this problem. Every single person I have spoken with in customer care including supervisors and managers has told me there is nothing they can do, that's just how it works.

I wish I had a solution for you but the fact is that you are getting screwed. Sprint customer service is horrible. I tried to cancel my service today and was told they can only cancel service at the end of a billing cycle. Funny how they can only cancel at the end of the cycle but can make changes mid-cycle and completely mess up your bill. I'll be cancelling service at the end of the month and let Sprint come after me for the cancellation charges. I'll let them explain to the Better Business Bureau why two bills say the same exact thing. Good luck to you and may you have better luck than I did.


Re: Sprint and its crazy billing

On my bill, the pro rated charges came back as a CREDIT, but then it charged from Apr to May and then May to Jun for the NEW plan, which I paid IN FULL, I called sprint last night, and tell they me they bill 1 month ahead, so I said so this is July's bill that I am getting in June since you guys bill one month ahead, and then she said I was wrong..WTF...They can't explain anything at all.

I am going to my local store and talking to the people there, since they are much friendlier and act indenpedent from Sprint.


Re: Sprint and its crazy billing

Anyone else had this problem?

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